Skin Care

Valentine's special - how to look fabulous until dawn!

Valentines special how to look fabulous until dawn

So that your foundation and, therefore your makeup, doesn't budge, make sure your skin is squeaky clean and well-moisturised. Start with a deep cleanse: micellar water, cleansing lotion, oil, milk or gel - just make sure you choose one that suits your skin type. Follow with a face scrub to remove dead cells and instantly leave you with glowing skin. Finish your cleansing routine with a mattifying moisturiser. Apply your foundation The idea is to use a small amount for a natural look. The more you blend it in, the longer it will last. Go for a fluid foundation suited to all skin types and, using a sponge, smoothe it across your face. Leave it to dry for a few minutes and then lightly dust on a loose powder to fix your foundation - this will prevent it from evaporating as the night goes on, leaving you with a velvety rather than shiny complexion. Finish off with a bronzing powder to contour your features. Added tip: apply a primer that will Photoshop out any blemishes and help your makeup stick. Finally, apply a spritz of fixing mist, as this will hydrate your skin whilst keeping your makeup in place.

Your eyes, like your face, need to be clean and dry before applying your makeup. Begin by applying a smoothing, unifying base that will stop your eye shadow from smearing. Dust lightly with powder. Apply a powder rather than cream eye shadow, which could bleed throughout the evening. Using your fingertip or a brush, apply it to your eyelid crease, working out from the inside of your eye. To make sure your eyeliner stays put, avoid applying a thick line and opt for a fine pen or pencil so that as the night wears on, it'll melt into your lashes rather than leave you with panda eyes! Follow with several coats of a waterproof or long-lasting mascara, for a glamorous, seductive look. Apply it to the bottom of your lashes and move the wand upwards and outwards. Lip-wise, they need to be well moisturised. Your lippy won't stick if they're dry or cracked. So, begin by gently scrubbing them to get rid of dead cells and leave them kissably smooth. Keep them moisturised, but don't apply a lip balm just before your lipstick/gloss, otherwise the pigment will bleed. And make sure you apply a long-lasting formula. Once you've applied your lipstick, don't touch it, just let it sit for a few seconds. Added tip: you can always pick up a liquid fixer, which when applied to your eyeliner, will keep it in place for longer. You could also apply a lipstick fixer to form an invisible seal.

To keep your locks tamed, style it when dry: if it's damp, your hairstyle will just collapse. Apply a pre-styling mousse to the top of your head and work it down your hair shafts with a round brush. Apply a hairspray to the underside as you go along. Finish off with a coat of hairspray. If using a straightener, make sure it's not too hot - the idea is to style not burn your scalp. For a sophisticated look, try a loose chignon: straighten your hair into a pony tail and wrap it around itself to create a high or low bun. Pull out a few strands to keep it casual. Secure it in place with some hair pins and a final spritz of hairspray. Braids are another great option: French braids, crown braids, fishbone braids... whatever suits you best! Don't wash your hair before you style - clean hair won't stay in place, particularly if it's braided. If you have fine hair, you can always back-comb it to add a bit of volume. Added tip: once you've finished, heat up a towel in the microwave, wrap it around your head and let it cool. It's the best way to keep your fabulous do in place!