Beauty Essentials To Pop in Your Bag

There are often times when we need to freshen up; an unexpected invitation, date, meeting... So top of the list is your make up bag.

But that doesn't mean taking the entire contents of your dressing table!

A lip balm. Whatever the time of year, our lips are constantly under attack. Dry or chapped lips are painful and unsightly. This beauty essential will nourish and protect them.

A compact powder. Your make up may not last all day if you tend to have shiny skin. Compact powder is great quick-fix, beauty essential that can be easily applied before you step into a meeting or head out to see your mates.

A mini-mascara. With a wave of its magic wand, a coat of mascara will immediately leave you looking wide-eyed and ready to go.

Perfume Dig out your perfume samples or invest in a little spray decanter, so you can spritz yourself as and when needed.

A antiperspirant/deodorant. Heat, cold, stress and temperature fluctuations can leave us a little wiffy and in need of freshening up.

A retractable/fold away hairbrush. If you have long hair, add a scrunchie or hair clip - windswept hair can always be put up in an elegant bun.

A hand cream. Frequently washing our hands and cold weather can leave them looking leathery. Moisturise and protect your hands as soon as their skin feels tight.