L’Oréal Paris Empowers Men & Women to Combat Street Harassment Through StandUp Program.


StandUp is an awareness and training program against street harassment, developed by L’Oréal Paris in partnership with the expert NGO  Hollaback!. The program offers a proven methodology – “The 5D”– to help both men and women to safely intervene if they witness or experience street harassment.


According to an IPSOS study conducted in 2019 about gender equality, sexual harassment in public spaces was identified as the most important issue facing women and girls across the world.

Indeed, street harassment robs women of their dignity, sense of security and feelings of self-worth, which goes against everything L’Oréal Paris stands for. That’s why it’s so important for us to standup and help to combat this issue that affects us all.


L’Oréal Paris has a long history with women’s empowerment, boosting their self-confidence and helping them realize their worth.

Through our international StandUp program, we are willing to contribute to create a culture and community of respect, dignity and worth, by empowering over 1 million people with the 5D’s methodology - a training that can be taken digitally or physically.

With the expert NGO Hollaback! and our local charity partners, we will conduct live training sessions, and take action by participating in related events throughout the year such as International Women’s Day (March 8) and International Anti-Street Harassment Week (April 19-25).


L’Oréal Paris has established a worldwide partnership with Hollaback!, an NGO and expert on street harassment. Their intervention methodology based on the 5D’s has been proven effective, lowering sexual violence on American campuses by 17%. For more information about them, go to

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Breakthrough, for over two decades, has been working to bring an end to violence and discrimination against women and girls, by addressing the cultural norms that perpetuate harmful, discriminatory practices. The organisation uses deep cultural insight along with media, the arts and popular culture to create non- threatening counter narratives that inspire people into taking action and preventing violence against women. Breakthrough's award winning campaigns, like BellBajao, have been instrumental in building a global movement on issues like domestic violence - bringing the issue into the public domain and building bystander action by negating notions of violence being a private matter.

Breakthrough works extensively with young people: aiming to create a bold, new generation of changemakers called 'Team Change,' that catalyses change around them and strives to build a society based on equity, freedom and justice for all. Breakthrough today reaches over 500,000 adolescents and over 3000 young adults through school and community based programmes that shape their gender views and build their agency; empowering them to question gender stereotypes and to negotiate an environment in which women and girls can thrive, free from violence or discrimination.

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Join the StandUp community now and help us combat street harassment by taking part in our digital training program. Take the training program! In it, you will learn five different ways to safely intervene if you witness or experience street harassment. Take the training program and become an Upstander today.


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