Temporary Colour

As the name suggests, temporary hair colour is an instant hair colour that lasts only until the next shampoo. Once you wash your hair, the temporary hair dye is washed out. The L'Oréal Paris Magic Retouch Spray is an ammonia free hair colour that covers grey roots in just one quick spray.

Benefits of using a temporary hair colour spray

• The no-ammonia hair colour is gentle on your hair and safe for frequent uses
• Created with rich colour pigments, the L'Oréal temporary hair colour spray seamlessly blends in with your hair colour in just 3 seconds to give you a flawless root touch up
• The L'Oréal Retouch Spray is convenient to use even when you are on the go
• The lightweight formula of the hair colour spray precisely targets greys and does not transfer

How to use hair colour spray?

Here is how you can use the L'Oréal Retouch Spray to get an ultra-precise and a mess-free root touch up
• Shake the bottle of the L'Oréal temporary hair colour spray every time before use
• Hold the spray bottle 10 to 15 centimeters away from your dry roots
• Spray the temporary hair colour directly over areas where grey roots are visible
• Avoid using extra product, a little goes a long way with this hair colour spray
• Wait for a couple of seconds and you are all done - #GreysGoneIn3Seconds

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