Permanent Hair Colour

1. What is a permanent hair colour?

Like the name suggests, a permanent hair colour is a long-lasting hair colour that stays on your hair till your hair grows out, or till you go for a root-touch up! L’Oréal permanent hair colours deliver rich and long-lasting hair colour for 100% grey coverage. The L’Oréal hair colour shades complement your look and blend beautifully and evenly to give you hair that is not has a new vibrant colour but is also soft and silky to touch. Unlike other drying hair colours, L’Oréal Paris permanent hair dyes nourish your hair and make them stronger.

2. Why use L’Oréal Paris permanent hair colour?

L’Oréal Paris Excellence Crème is a unique triple care colour that is enriched with a triple care formula to protect your hair. Available in 9 shades, L’Oréal Excellence Hair Colour is one of the best hair colours for Indian skin tones! The nourishing hair colour strengthens and replenishes your hair for soft and smooth hair with lustrous shine. The long-lasting hair dye is enriched with pro-keratin and protective ceramide serum to protect your hair during and after colouring.

3. How to use L’Oréal Paris permanent hair colour?

Here is how to apply the permanent hair colour –

• Mix the protective coloring crème and crème developer
• Section your hair and apply the colour directly to your hair, from root to tip.
• Use gloves and gently massage your scalp to spread the colour evenly
• Leave the colour on for 30 minutes and wash with the scalp comfort shampoo till the water runs clear