Liquid Lipstick

Love wearing liquid lipsticks but hate the stickiness and the dry lips that follow? Enjoy pigmented matte liquid lipsticks that do not feel heavy on your lips with the wide range of long-lasting liquid lipsticks by L'Oréal Paris. The comfortable long wearing formula of all L'Oréal Paris lightweight lipsticks are designed to keep your lips feeling comfortable all day.

The ultra-matte L'Oréal Rouge Signature lipstick delivers an impactful bold colour with a bare-lip sensation. The super-lightweight formula of these matte liquid lipsticks gives your lips a no makeup feels with no texture and stickiness. The L'Oréal Infallible Lipsticks have a 16-hour wear to give you the ultimate all-day comfort. These high-impact liquid lipstick shades are perfect for adding dimension to your lips and making a bold statement. Use the pro-sculpt applicator to get a crisp outline that makes your lip makeup pop. The Les Macarons Infallible Ultra Matte is a transfer proof lipstick that coats your lips in enticing colours that are infused with delicious scents. The L'Oréal Macarons Lipstick has a long-wearing non-drying formula that is never sticky.

Dress it up or play it down, the L'Oréal matte liquid lipsticks make you feel confident and incredible so you can let your personality shine and feel like you are worth it!

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