Hair Colour Virtual Try On


Indulge in a transformative coloring experience with L'Oréal Paris’ innovative Hair Try On virtual tool, which lets you virtually change your hair color online, and see real-time results before starting the process. Whether you're considering a dramatic shift or a subtle change in your hair color, our hair color try-on tool empowers you to explore our diverse range of hair colors, including permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary hair colors, each designed to cater to your unique style and provide optimal grey coverage. With a simple Tap & Try on the L’Oréal virtual try on tool, witness your chosen hair color come to life in real-time, or upload a selfie to virtually try different shades.

How to Use:

1. Select Your Product :
Begin by exploring our extensive range of hair colors ranging from permanent, semi-permanent, to temporary shades.

2. Tap & Try :
Once you've chosen your preferred hair color, simply go to the 'Tap & Try' feature. Watch as your selected shade comes to life in real-time, showcasing how it would look on your hair. Alternatively, you can also test hair colors on photos and elevate your virtual hair try-on experience. Simply upload a selfie and witness your new hair color seamlessly blend onto your photo.

3. Find Your Shade :
Swipe through the various shades and observe how each color complements your complexion and style. This interactive feature of the virtual hair color try on allows you to effortlessly select the perfect shade that blends flawlessly with your unique look and personality.

Please note: The virtual hair try-on is for illustrative purposes only; individual results may vary.

Frequently asked questions

1. Is there an app that lets you try different hair colors?

Yes, L'Oréal Paris offers a Virtual Hair Color Try On for free on its website, allowing users to try different hair colors virtually. It provides an interactive experience without the need for a separate app. It allows you to try on different shades from a wide range of permanent, semi-permanent and temporary colors.

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