About us

“Because you’re worth it.” With this world-recognized slogan, and from the beginning, L’Oréal Paris has encouraged women to live their best lives according to their own rules and desires.

Committed to quality, to scientific excellence and to permanent innovation, we are proud to be the world’s leading cosmetics brand that makes the best of beauty available to all. With L’Oréal Paris, beauty is synonymous with luxury and accessibility, for fans everywhere to make their own.
Luma Grothe shot for the 2019 Rouge Signature campaign

Beauty to inspire

Beyond cosmetics, L’Oréal Paris creates a world of Parisian beauty to inspire every woman everywhere. In dialogue from the streets to its runways, myriad interpretations of Parisian beauty and femininity are reinvented every day.

Leading the way in inclusivity, we makes product for people of all origins. From the creative minds and skilled hands of global makeup director Val Garland and hair director Stéphane Lancien, L’Oréal Paris brings the future of beauty into women’s daily lives.

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Céline Dion shot for the 2019 Excellence Crème campaign

Beauty excellence

With more than 40 years of pioneering scientic research heritage, L’Oréal Paris is proud to offer a stringent selection of the most advanced beauty care with proven efcacy and safety to its consumers.

We have not tested any of our products or ingredients on animals since 1989, 14 years before required by regulations. This commitment to developing alternative safety tests has become an integral part of the scientic expertise of the L’Oréal Paris Laboratories ever since.

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Beauty to empower

Five words: “Because I’m worth it,” and L’Oréal Paris helped to change the worldview of beauty for good. When actress Joanne Dusseau first uttered the now-iconic phrase in the early 70s, it was the first time an advertisement campaign claimed beauty for oneself, not for men.

The tagline became a rallying call that voiced the shifting place of women in society.

Today the brand continues supporting women on the journey to self-worth.  To be a L’Oréal Paris spokesperson is to stand for the power of taking ownership of your identity. Each ambassador is a role models for the strength of women, and an inspiration to fulfil our talents every day.

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L'Oréal Paris advertisement for Elsève from 1973

The cause we stand for

Committed to accompanying women on the road to self-worth, L’Oréal Paris wants to play a bigger role in society. Among the most important issues facing women and girls today, sexual harassment* is the number one concern worldwide and stands in complete opposition with women’s empowerment.

By launching our international program “STAND UP”, in partnership with the NGO HOLLABACK!, we call on women and men to intervene when witnessing or experiencing situations of sexual harassment in public places. We at L’Oréal Paris are committed to creating a better world for women.

*Ipsos – International survey on sexual harassment in public spaces – L’Oréal Paris – April 2019.

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