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Get Perfect Eyebrows And Knock Years Off Your Face!

Get Perfect Eyebrows And Knock Years Off Your Face

Your eyebrows can make or break your look. From over-plucked and scanty to thick and bushy, the eyebrows have seen it all. But did you know that how you groom your eyebrows also plays a major role in how young (or old!) you look? Read on to know more -

Our eyebrows age along with our hair and skin. Over time, they thin out and turn grey. Their hairs become more fragile, their colour changes and they tend to thicken. And if they're naturally bushy, they can be hard to tame. Even if we care for our eyebrows, it's not always easy to deal with age-related changes. But if we want to avoid looking tired and worn out, we need to work our arches!

Well-shaped eyebrows highlight our eyes and show off our features, even if we're not wearing a hint of makeup. And once we're passed the Big 40, it can make all the difference - our cheekbones stand out, lines are softened and our features look symmetrical. A way to turn back time without a jab or scalpel in sight!

Get back your youthful look by following these simple eyebrow tips –

Use tweezers - As soon as you spot a rogue hair, pluck it out!
Give eyebrow hairs time to grow. With age, eyebrow hairs harden, so if you pluck them out too soon, you may end up with visible follicle holes. Resist the temptation and bide your time!
Try to form a natural curve, with its top about a ¾” along your brow bone. Don't go OTT - your brows shouldn't be too short, too far apart or too thin.
Don't dye your eyebrows - Natural really is best. If they lack definition, fill them in with an eyebrow pencil that's a shade lighter than your natural colour.