Skin Care

Remove Eye Makeup in 5 Easy Steps

We all know that soap's a no-no, but you should also avoid facial cleansing lotions and micellar water. Opt instead for a product designed to cleanse the eye contour, such as a cleansing oil. There are cleansers that get rid of waterproof make-up for those of you who like smoky eyes, as well as formulae for sensitive eyes that are ophthalmologically tested, unperfumed and paraben-free. These are great if your eyes need extra care or if you wear contact lenses.

Remove your eye make up and cleanse the eye contour before starting on your face! Use a soft cotton pad and soak it with your cleanser. Don't scrimp - you'll need more than a drop or two if you don't want to damage your eyelids or lashes.

Close your eyes and hold the cotton pad against your skin for a minute or so. This will allow your cleanser to fully penetrate your lashes and dissolve any make up or grime. Gently move your fingers around the cotton pad (making sure it stays in place), so that your cleanser is massaged into your eyelids. The idea? To ensure that all traces of make up are dissolved by the eye makeup remover.

Follow by gently wiping your eyes, working from the inner to outer corner. And keep going until your eye contour is squeaky clean. Whatever you do, don't rub! If you do, you'll irritate your skin - our fragile eyelashes are easily damaged and a heavy hand will make your skin age faster.

Finish off with a spritz of thermal or floral water, followed by an eye contour cream that will hydrate this delicate zone. Eye contour skin is 3 times thinner than the rest of the face, so prone to dryness, fine lines, dark circles and bags.