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Time to pump some weights

Time to pump some weights

Body building's been around for ages, but has moved to another level due the popularity of CrossFit training. And it's all for a good reason. It may seem a bit macho, but it's actually a great sport for women! Weight training won't leave you looking like a WWE star, but will improve muscle tone and your overall level of fitness. It really does help us to feel better about ourselves and our bodies. You can begin with short sessions in your local gym, which will help you learn how to use and benefit from its equipment. Taking classes is another option - they're fun and you won't be expected to kill yourself in the process! Once you've found your feet, you can move on to floor exercises, fitness balls or free weights. You'll then be able to concentrate on parts of your body that need a little extra work. The choice is endless! For a pert backside and toned thighs, work your hamstrings and gluteal muscles. For a six-pack (or almost!), work on your abdominals. But, most of all, work on your lower back - great for posture and improving lower body strength to support us whilst we focus on other muscles. As your fitness levels improves, you can begin to add in other exercises, such as cardiovascular workouts that will both improve muscle mass and endurance levels. Some studies show that weight training and aerobic exercises help us to lose weight faster when dieting and prevent the appearance of cellulite.

You've had The Day From Hell, your job interview was torture... What better way to de-stress than a workout? Weight training, as with all sports, makes us feel physically and mental good. Regular exercise also improves our sleep patterns. This is because our bodies need to rest after we've burned off so many calories. And we all know how our beauty sleep helps both our bodies and souls! A good night's kip leaves our faces relaxed and refreshed, whilst allowing our bodies to fully recuperate overnight. What's more, exercise boosts testosterone production (in women as much as men), which in turn stimulates the cell regeneration necessary for glowing skin! Weight training improves heart health and blood flow. During a workout, blood flow to our muscles increases, flushing out toxins in the process. As we move, lymphatic circulation is boosted, lessening toxic build-up and reducing the appearance cellulite. Glowing skin and feeling fit are one way tickets to greater self-confidence. So c'mon girls, time to Google Map your local gym!

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