Skin Care

SOS! Save my tired-looking skin!

SOS Save my tiredlooking skin

Facts first... Dark circles affect everyone differently. Dark circles are not related to age (even if it can aggravate the problem), but due to poor circulation resulting from a lack of sleep, stress or feeling burned out. Fair people and those with thinner skin tend to bear the brunt. But don't panic - there are plenty of ways to zap them. We all tend to have tired skin during winter, after a night on the tiles or at the end of a gruelling week. By stimulating our skin we can kiss goodbye to our sallow features and revel in a rosy glow! The beauty routine golden rules: scrub, tone and moisturise. A winning combo to pamper and boost your complexion. For pimples and red blotches follow the above with added extras so that your skin springs back into action: apply an overnight face mask, store skincare treatments in the fridge, use roll-on applicators and check out make up tips to camouflage any serious offenders.