Skin Care

The Nomakeup Trend Are You Ready to Give It A Whirl

A few months ago, a make up-free celeb sued a newspaper for invasion of privacy, after they were papped by one of their snappers. Today, celebs are lining up to publish photos of themselves without their war paint under the hashtag Nomakeup. Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyoncé, Cara Delevingne, Naomi Campbell and Adele have all embraced the look. Well maybe not entirely, but they're moving away from red carpet-style retouched photos and opting for images that haven't been Photoshopped. Stylists are loving the 'less is more' look and have been sending bare faced models down the catwalk for a while, sparking a trend that has now reached the streets.

Both ideas gravitate towards a natural look, with discreet make up and no trickery involved. What's the aim of 'nude' make up? To give the impression that we're completely make up free! Light foundation, nude colour lipsticks, cheeks slightly blushed... The no make up trend, however, goes further, meaning not a trace of eye make up, lipstick or foundation. By ditching make up, the trend encourages women to feel beautiful in their own skin and to be accepted as they are, warts and all. For some fans it's more of a beauty revolution than just the latest Instagram craze. So it really boils down to whether you want to give the impression that you're make up-free or go the whole hog and enter a bare faced world.

It's not that easy to go make up-free, not least because it means striving for a spotlessly flawless complexion. Our skin will need extra loving care: deep cleansing everyday with a suitable treatment, such as a lotion for dry or mature skin, an oil for normal or dry skin, micellar water for sensitive skin and a mousse or gel for oily skin. You should also give your face a weekly scrub to get rid of dead skin cells that clog pores and suffocate skin. It will leave you with a lovely even skin tone and zap any minor blemishes. Finally, you should moisturise daily with a suitable treatment: anti-wrinkle, mattifying, anti-fatigue, brightening, anti-ageing. Apply your moisturiser to your forehead, chin, cheeks and neck using light movements so that you don't irritate the skin. And don't forget the fragile skin on your cleavage!

Going bare faced doesn't mean we shouldn't apply certain products. We can look gorgeous without warpaint, but certain beauty treatments will help your skin glow - without a trace of make up in sight!- A radiance correcter will brighten dull skin, including creams to camouflage red patches or blur creams to instantly smoothe away wrinkles and fine lines. No need to edit your photos - you'll look fresh faced, with younger, plumper skin in a flash.- A complexion corrector to hide blemishes and brighten your complexion in one swift stroke, leaving you wide eyed and bushy tailed even at the end of a hard day.- A lip balm for the perfect pout: opt for a moisturising balm that plumps up your lips, adds a sensual shine and provides a dash of colour (but not too much - you don't want people to know you've cheated!).

Whilst many of us love spending hours in the bathroom, no make up fans have the pleasure of getting up later, taking time to prepare a decent breakfast or enjoying other activities. Plus they save money - make up can certainly tug on our purse strings! Whether it's foundation, a bronzer, mascara, eye shadow, lippy and the rest, wearing make up comes with a price tag, even if you prefer cheaper brands. But most of all, the no make up approach means we can show off our oxygen-pumped, glowing complexions in their natural state. Our skin knows how to repair itself and by letting it breathe, you'll see blemishes gradually fade into the mist.

If truth be told, some of us love our make up too much to accept the challenge. Can we be beautiful without make up? Maybe if you're 20, with naturally flawless skin. Or maybe you could save it for Sundays - a time to let your skin breathe whilst you're curled up in front of the telly. Your skin will certainly enjoy the break!