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Get Ready For Christmas With L’Oréal Paris!

Christmas is here and what better way to celebrate it than by adding some glam and bling in your beauty game? We’re talking about upgrading your skincare, hair care, and makeup routines with L’Oréal Paris. Whether you’re looking for that perfect glow for your festive gatherings or seeking ideas for Christmas makeup looks with shimmery eyes that sparkle like holiday lights, we've got you covered. Make this Christmas a memorable and sparkling one as we take care of your Christmas skincare, Xmas makeup looks, and your holiday hair care. Stay tuned till the end as we also disclose some of the best hair colours for Christmas to look the best from the rest!

⩥ Get Christmas Ready – Skincare Edition

Skincare for Christmas

Even the most striking Christmas makeup ideas can look dull if your skin isn’t prepped well. Hence, this holiday season, indulge in a skincare routine that nurtures both your skin and festive spirit. Here’s a simple yet effective guide to Christmas skincare –

• Step 1: Gentle Cleansing

Start your skincare for Christmas with a gentle cleanser that can get rid of impurities from your skin without stripping away essential oils.

• Step 2: Exfoliation

Buff away dull skin cells with a mild exfoliant to reveal a radiant complexion. Choose exfoliants with natural ingredients to avoid irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin.

• Step 3: Serum

Follow up with a skin-brightening serum packed with antioxidants and ingredients like glycolic acid to combat the season's harsh elements and give your skin that radiant glow from within.

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• Step 4: Mask

Treat your skin to a luxurious mask session. Choose face masks that cater to your specific needs—be it hydration, brightening, or calming – to reveal that holiday glow.

• Step 5: Hydration

Seal in the goodness with a rich, nourishing moisturiser to keep your skin soft and supple throughout the festivities. Look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid to lock in moisture and achieve glowing, spotless skin. Don’t forget to apply a glowing night cream to rejuvenate your skin while you sleep. Let the product work its magic overnight.

• Step 6: SPF

Even in winters or days when it’s gloomy outside, protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Finish off your morning skincare for Christmas with a lightweight SPF to shield your skin against sun damage, especially for outdoor celebrations.

• Christmas Makeup Look

Now that you’re done with your skincare for Christmas, here's a step-by-step guide to achieving a stunning yet easy Christmas makeup look

• Step 1: Prep & Prime

Apply a primer to create a smooth base for your makeup, ensuring it lasts throughout the festivities.

• Step 2: Flawless Foundation

Even out your skin tone with a foundation that matches your complexion. Blend it evenly using a makeup sponge or brush for a seamless finish.

• Step 3: Conceal & Brighten

Dab some concealer under your eyes, covering any blemishes or dark spots. Blend it gently for a natural, brightened effect.

• Step 4: Lock with Powder

Use a setting powder to control oil, shine, and sebum and lock your base makeup in place.

• Step 5: Add a rosy glow

Apply a touch of blush to the apples of your cheeks. Go for a rosy or peach shade to complement the holiday glow.

• Step 6: Glowing Highlight

Add a touch of highlighter to the high points of your face—the cheekbones, bridge of your nose, and cupid's bow to enhance that festive radiance.

• Step 7: Brow Definition

Fill in your brows using an eyebrow makeup palette to frame your eyes. Brush them out for a natural, polished look.

• Step 8: Festive Eyes

Apply a neutral eyeshadow shade as a base, then layer on a shimmering or bold hue—think gold, red, or green—for that festive vibe.

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• Step 9: Eyeliner & Mascara

Line your upper lash line with black or dark brown eyeliner for added definition. Then, coat your lashes generously with waterproof mascara, giving them volume and length.

• Step 10: Lipstick Elegance

Complete your Xmas makeup look with a statement lip colour. Red, berry, or metallic shades are perfect for Christmas. Outline your lips with a lip liner for precision, then fill in with your chosen hue.

• Step 11: Set It Up

Finish with a setting spray to lock in your Christmas day makeup, ensuring it stays put throughout the merry celebrations.

Now you're all set to shine and dazzle with your stunning Christmas makeup look. But wait, something is still missing! A voluminous and beautiful Christmas hairdo, along with some nourishing hair care tips and vibrant hair colours to try this holiday season.

⩥ Get Christmas Ready – Hair

For any Christmas hairstyle to look good, it’s essential to indulge in a robust hair care routine that gives your scalp and hair the strength to experiment with endless possibilities.

Christmas Hair Care

Maintain luscious locks with a simple Christmas hair care routine –

• Step 1: Moisturising Shampoo

Combat winter dryness by cleansing your scalp and stands with a hydrating shampoo that nourishes and cleanses without stripping natural oils.

• Step 2: Conditioning Treatment

Use a nourishing conditioner or deep conditioning hair mask to rejuvenate and hydrate strands. Pour a small amount of the product on your palm, gently massage it into your strands (from mid-lengths to the ends), leave it on for a few minutes and rinse.

• Step 3: Heat Protectant

After shampooing your hair, use a heat-protectant serum to flaunt healthy, Christmas-ready hair with ease. Also, consider using accessories like scarves or hats to shield your hair from harsh winter elements.

Hairstyles for Christmas

Coming up with creative hairstyles for Christmas can get overwhelming. Hence, we’ve shortlisted some of the simple yet elegant Christmas hairstyles that you can rock this holiday season while embracing your hair's natural texture –

  • • Glamorous Waves: Create soft, cascading waves using rollers overnight, adding a touch of glamour to your look. Pin one side back with a decorative hairpin for an elegant finish.
  • • Classic Bun: Gather hair into a sleek bun at the nape of your neck. Leave a few face-framing strands for a soft touch. Embellish with a sparkly hair accessory or a velvet ribbon for a sophisticated vibe.
  • • Braided Beauty: Opt for a romantic braided crown, French braid or a fishtail braid adorned with festive accessories like small ornaments or ribbon intertwined for a Christmas touch.
  • • Sleek Ponytail: Achieve a polished look by pulling all your hair back into a sleek, high, or low ponytail. Wrap a strand of hair around the elastic for a chic finish.
  • • Twisted Updo: Twist sections of your hair into a low or high bun, creating an intricate yet effortless-looking updo. Secure with bobby pins and add a jewelled hairpiece for a touch of sparkle.

Christmas Hair Colour Ideas

Now that your hair care routine and hairstyles are sorted, let’s check out some of the trendiest hair colours that you can try this Christmas –

  • • Option 1: Infuse warmth in your hair with a blend of deep brown hair colour as the base, paired with cinnamon-red highlights. This balayage creates dimension and a cosy, festive feel that is perfect for the season.
  • • Option 2: Opt for a rich raspberry red ombre fading from a dark brown base. The gradual transition to vibrant red hair colour adds a playful and sophisticated touch, echoing the holiday spirit with a bold twist.

And done! This is our Christmas present for you. Follow our above-mentioned guide on how to get ready for Christmas and browse through a wide range of L’Oréal Paris skincare, and makeup products, along with the best-in-class hair colour and hair care ranges to make this Christmas your most fabulous one yet!

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Facelifts and injections are not the only solutions - just follow these easy tips for protecting your skin and delay the signs of ageing." } }, { "@type":"ListItem", "position": 5, "url" : "", "item":{ "@type": "Article", "mainEntityOfPage":{ "@type":"WebPage" }, "headline":"How To Choose A Face Mask Thats Right For Your Skin", "image":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"", "height":450, "width":1000 }, "datePublished": "2023-05-18T07:35:44+00:00", "dateModified": "2023-05-18T07:36:52+00:00", "author": { "@type": "Brand", "name": "L'Oréal Paris" }, "publisher":{ "@type":"Organization", "name":"L'Oréal Paris", "logo":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"", "width":189, "height":60 } }, "description":"Face masks are popular because they work their magic and treat the skin by soothing it and eliminating signs of tiredness, along with boosting complexion. There is something very relaxing about sitting back with a face mask on and treating yourself to an at-home spa day. The market is filled with mask options, from the best Korean sheet masks to clay or even peel-off masks, the list is quite long. With so many options comes the challenging part of finding the right type of face mask. Choosing a face mask based on your skin type and the issues you are looking to address may be tricky, but we are here to help. Read this face mask guide to know how to determine the right mask for your skin type." } }, { "@type":"ListItem", "position": 6, "url" : "", "item":{ "@type": "Article", "mainEntityOfPage":{ "@type":"WebPage" }, "headline":"Get Glowing Skin With Our Skincare Routine For 50s", "image":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"", "height":900, "width":2000 }, "datePublished": "2023-10-18T07:42:42+00:00", "dateModified": "2023-10-18T07:43:14+00:00", "author": { "@type": "Brand", "name": "L'Oréal Paris" }, "publisher":{ "@type":"Organization", "name":"L'Oréal Paris", "logo":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"", "width":189, "height":60 } }, "description":"" } }, { "@type":"ListItem", "position": 7, "url" : "", "item":{ "@type": "Article", "mainEntityOfPage":{ "@type":"WebPage" }, "headline":"How You Can Keep Dewy Glowing Skin During Winter", "image":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"", "height":900, "width":2000 }, "datePublished": "2023-12-11T06:34:21+00:00", "dateModified": "2023-12-11T06:35:00+00:00", "author": { "@type": "Brand", "name": "L'Oréal Paris" }, "publisher":{ "@type":"Organization", "name":"L'Oréal Paris", "logo":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"", "width":189, "height":60 } }, "description":"The harsh cold and windy weather during winter can leave your skin feeling tight and dry. The weather damages your skin's protective barrier, leaving you with skin that feels dry, parched, and thirsty, along with other signs of dehydrated skin during the colder months. But there's one way to get it back on track - it is to hydrate your skin and keep it moisturised all day long. How to do so? It’s time to adopt a curated winter skincare routine, if you don’t have one already. Not sure where to start from? Here is an easy and effective winter skincare routine along with some winter skincare tips to help you get back your glowing complexion and baby soft skin! Read ahead to know more." } }, { "@type":"ListItem", "position": 8, "url" : "", "item":{ "@type": "Article", "mainEntityOfPage":{ "@type":"WebPage" }, "headline":"The Top 5 Anti Ageing Vitamins", "image":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"", "height":450, "width":1000 }, "datePublished": "2023-05-30T08:51:21+00:00", "dateModified": "2023-10-16T11:10:10+00:00", "author": { "@type": "Brand", "name": "L'Oréal Paris" }, "publisher":{ "@type":"Organization", "name":"L'Oréal Paris", "logo":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"", "width":189, "height":60 } }, "description":"" } }, { "@type":"ListItem", "position": 9, "url" : "", "item":{ "@type": "Article", "mainEntityOfPage":{ "@type":"WebPage" }, "headline":"Top Tips For A Youthful Look", "image":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"", "height":675, "width":1500 }, "datePublished": "2023-05-30T10:36:12+00:00", "dateModified": "2023-09-13T04:09:17+00:00", "author": { "@type": "Brand", "name": "L'Oréal Paris" }, "publisher":{ "@type":"Organization", "name":"L'Oréal Paris", "logo":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"", "width":189, "height":60 } }, "description":"As we age, our faces lose volume and our facial contours change. Ditto for our eye contours. It tends to be our 'tear troughs' that first show signs of ageing. This is the area below our eyes, between our cheekbones and nose. It begins to sag as soon our skin loses elasticity and in turn leads to furrows along our nasolabial folds. This sagging can make us look worn and tired and, yes, make up can provide a quick fix. The good news is that there are also treatments available for a longer lasting effect. Here are our top two!" } }, { "@type":"ListItem", "position": 10, "url" : "", "item":{ "@type": "Article", "mainEntityOfPage":{ "@type":"WebPage" }, "headline":"Turn On The Waterworks: How To Hydrate Your Skin Type", "image":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"", "height":900, "width":2000 }, "datePublished": "2023-10-18T08:41:47+00:00", "dateModified": "2023-10-18T08:42:43+00:00", "author": { "@type": "Brand", "name": "L'Oréal Paris" }, "publisher":{ "@type":"Organization", "name":"L'Oréal Paris", "logo":{ "@type":"ImageObject", "url":"", "width":189, "height":60 } }, "description":"" } } ] } }
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