May 25th
Red Carpet: May 25th

On May 25th, 4 L'Oréal Paris ambassadors walked the steps of Cannes: Andie MacDowell, Katherine Langford, Yseult and Liya Kebede.

Andie has been a loyal spokesperson for L’Oréal Paris since 1985. She’s known for her fights against age discrimination and crimes against humanity.
Katherine joined in 2020. She advocates for equal rights and opportunities for women in the film industry.
The French singer-songwriter Yseult has been representing the brand since 2021. She advocates for inclusivity and body positivity.
Joining the team in 2011, Liya brings incredible energy to empowering women in the workforce.

Our ambassadors impressed with glamorous looks created for them by makeup artist Val Garland and hair artist Stéphane Lancien.

Magnetic and smiling, Andie had the radiance of precious metals: Yves Saint-Laurent dress in old gold silk, silver hair, all enhanced by a magnificent smokey eyes in iridescent brown tones.

Katherine Langford opted for a glamorous Hollywood style: Prada lamé gown, glamorous wavy blond bob, luminous skin, and nude lips.
Graphic in a spectacular Balanciaga shouldered gown, Yseult played with contrasts as she knows how, with minimalist make-up, and short hair.
Finally, in her garnet Anne de Meulemeester gown, Liya had let her long hair fall loose over her shoulders and wore an enchanting make-up look with black eyeshadow and dark red lips.

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