Aishwarya Rai's Cannes Look

Aishwarya Rai

May 18th

Aishwarya Rai’s Cannes look

Aishwarya's spectacular dress inspired Val Garland and Stéphane Lancien to create a cinematic look. The impeccably brushed hair frames a graphic makeup. Tinted with a fiery red – Color Riche Matte Lipstick #666 –, the lips are as mesmerizing as the eyes. The black Tatoo Signature eyeliner line is stretched to the inner corner of the eye and the lashes are loaded with Lash Paradise Black mascara. Luminous and natural, Aishwarya's skin is simply enhanced with a touch of Paradise Blush Life is a Peach.


Revitalift Filler Hyaluronic acid serum
Powered by Hyaluronic Acid, this serum penetrates deeper through the skin's surface, helping to replump lines and wrinkles from within. Apply 2-3 drops to clean skin on the face and neck. 
Paradise Blush, #3 Life is a Peach
Delicately color your cheekbones by applying the creamy texture of this blush with a finger or brush. Smoothe from the inside to the outside of the face. 


Lash Paradise Volumizing Mascara, #Black
Simply brush through your lashes from root to tip, repeating a few times. Layer multiple coats for extra-volumized paradise lashes that won’t budge.
Tattoo Signature 24HR Liquid Eyeliner Black
Gently pull your eyelid taut and place the eyeliner tip as close to your lash line as possible. Starting in the inner corner of your eye, use small strokes to draw dots along the lid to mark your shape. Then, simply trace a line along the dots for the perfect finish.


Colour Riche Intense Volume Matte, #666 I win 
Start applying your lipstick directly to the heart of your lips. Absorb excess material with a cloth. For a perfect result, finish the application with a lip brush.