Andie Macdowell 2nd Cannes Look

Andy Macdowell 2

May 26th

Andie Macdowell's Cannes look

Andie radiates a captivating and powerful femininity, enhanced by the elegance of a long black baby doll dress that beautifully accentuates her striking silver hair. To highlight her unique beauty, Val Garland created smokey eyes, enhancing her luminous complexion with Infaillible 32H Freshwear Foundation in Linen and a hint of peach blush. To enhance the actress's smile, Val Garland chose a slightly glittery pink gloss. This fresh, elegant make-up was naturally illuminated by the French Riviera's Sun.


32H Fresh Wear Foundation, #100 Linen
Apply on a well cleaned, toned, and moisturized face, starting with the T-zone, and in a rolling motion work your way out, blending as you go.
Blush of Paradise , #3 Melon Dollar Baby
Apply with a brush to the cheekbones, blending outwards. Build up with light layers until the desired shade is achieved. 


Telescopic Lift Mascara, Intense Black 
Apply by using the front hook bristles to lift and coat your lashes from root to tip. Use the side hook to comb and separate your eyelashes for volume and length. 
Matte Signature Liquid Eyeliner, #01 Black
Place the eye liner brush tip as close to the lash line as possible in the inner corner of the eye. With small gentle strokes draw out from the inner corner of the eye applying more pressure as you move towards the outer corner of the eye, this will create a thicker, bolder line.

Color Queen Eyeshadow, #Commander, and #Determination
Apply the Color Queen Eyeshadow to the lid with your finger or a powder brush and blend well. The different colors can be combined as desired.


Brilliant Signature Plump Gloss, #412 I Heighten
Apply one coat of gloss to upper and lower lips. Apply several coats for a more intense color result.