May 16th

Cannes Red Carpet - May 16

On May 16th, iconic L'Oréal Paris spokespersons showcased diversity and empowerment at the Palais des Festivals. Helen Mirren, Elle Fanning and Cindy Bruna each brought their unique perspectives to the brand.

Helen has been a spokesperson since 2014 and represents Age Perfect skincare.
Elle joined in 2017, promoting universal, creative, and innovative beauty.
Cindy, part of the new generation of activist models, joined in 2020 to advocate for inclusion and fight violence against women.

On May 16, the Cannes Film Festival competition featured the film Jeanne du Barry by Maïwenn.

Our 3 ambassadors stole the show with their stunning looks at the film screening. L’Oréal Paris Make-Up Artist, Val Garland, and hair stylist, Stéphane Lancien, went above and beyond to create looks that were truly fitting for the grand opening event of the festival.

Draped in a blue dress designed by Daniel Del Core, Helen Mirren was wearing her hair pulled back into a curly bun twisted by blue locks and inspired by the powdered wigs of the king’s court. A soft makeup in shades of pink completed this look. Just as royal, Elle was showing off a declination of nude and powdered tones matched with her Alexander McQueen dress and her wise low bun. In a masculine-feminine style, Cindy was wearing an Act N1 pants suit. Her fresh, radiant makeup was spiced up with a smoky eye and voluptuous lips in pink-brown tones.

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