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What's The Difference Between Fine Lines And Wrinkles?

Everyone wants their skin drenched in the fountain of youth. Even as a skin care beginner, it's impossible not to notice fixes for “fine lines and wrinkles”. These two tend to be the first anti-ageing concern most people try to tackle. But not many can point out the difference between deep wrinkles vs fine lines correctly. Whether you’re looking to get rid of creases or to understand your skin better, hold on tight to know what’s the difference between fine lines and wrinkles and the hacks to tackle both at once.

What are fine lines?

Often your first signs of ageing, fine lines are shallow lines that are only as deep as the topmost layer of your skin. Think of them as creases or baby wrinkles! Fine lines on face tend to develop around areas where you show most of your expressions – fine lines around eyes, small creases around your mouth, light lines between your eyebrows, are some examples. Fine lines are created when you repeatedly expand and contract the same muscles every day. As you grow older, the collagen and elastin in your skin begin to break down, making it tougher for your skin to regain its elasticity. This causes the fine lines on face to deepen. Keep reading to know how to get rid of fine lines.

What are wrinkles?

The core difference between fine lines and wrinkles is that wrinkles are the more advanced and deeper version of fine lines on the face. As you age, your skin loses its elasticity and firmness and cannot snap back into shape just as easily as before. This is what causes the fine lines. Eventually, these fine lines under eyes or around your lips go deeper into the skin, thus giving rise to wrinkles. Wrinkles are deeper set in the skin. This is why when you compare fine lines vs wrinkles, the wrinkles are more visible. Keep reading to know different ways to get rid of deep wrinkles vs fine lines over time.

What is the difference between fine lines and wrinkles?

Fine lines and wrinkles are both signs of ageing and are both often referred to as expression lines, but the main difference between them is their depth. Fine lines are those creases that are less than 2 millimetres deep and any crease or fold more than 2 millimetres deep are then called as wrinkles. Fine lines, therefore, are early signs of wrinkles.

Another difference between fine lines and wrinkles is that the latter are also further divided into two categories –

● Dynamic wrinkles

These wrinkles appear on your face when you make an expression – smile, frown, etc. and disappear when you come back to a neutral expression and the muscles of your face are relaxed.

● Static wrinkles

These wrinkles are the ones that have a made a permanent place for themselves on your face and are visible even when your facial muscles are relaxed.

How to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles?

Different factors like repetitive facial expressions, genetics, exposure to the sun, ageing, smoking, etc. contribute to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on face. Ageing is inevitable and it is completely natural and normal for your skin to lose its elasticity as you grow older. But this does not mean that you cannot take care of your skin to delay these signs and address your anti-ageing concerns early on. From establishing an anti-wrinkle or an anti-fine lines routine to making a few lifestyle changes, you can try to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles and delay their appearance.

● Sunscreen is a must!

Rain or shine, if you are stepping outdoors, you have to slather on a generous amount of sunscreen or SPF to shield your skin from the harsh and damaging rays of the sun – one of the biggest causes of fine lines and wrinkles. The UV rays from the sun are one of the leading causes of skin that looks dry and old, and over-exposure to the sun can actually make you look older than you are! To preserve your skin’s youthful appearance for longer, use a sunscreen with a high SPF, especially during summers, and reapply your sunscreen every two to three hours if you are outdoors all day.
The UV Defender Serum Protector Sunscreen Moist and Fresh prevents fine lines, dark spots and dullness while providing a broad spectrum protection against UVA, UVB and Long Range UV. With Hyaluronic acid and SPF 50+ PA++++ the sunscreen works best for dry skin, leaving it hydrated, moist, and plumply.

● Keep your skin hydrated throughout the day

As you age, it becomes more difficult for your skin to retain moisture, and this makes your skin appear dry, flaky, and might cause fine lines and wrinkles on face. The key to keeping your skin looking plump and fuller is to keep it nourished, moisturised, and hydrated throughout the day. Just like a tall drink of water quenches your thirst, your parched skin needs a hydrating cream to trap the moisture in the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Adding a hydrating, anti-ageing day cream to your morning skincare routine will not only keep your skin moisturized but will also improve your skin’s texture with regular use.
The L'Oréal Paris Revitalift 1.5 % Hyaluronic Acid Serum is a lightweight and non-sticky serum that helps get instant visible results and see your skin getting better day after day! This hyaluronic acid serum penetrates deep into the skin, tackling fine lines on the face and instantly hydrating your skin! With regular use, it increases your radiance visibly!

● Do not neglect your night-time skincare regime

The night is a great time to battle fine lines and wrinkles on face! Just because you’ve used an anti-ageing cream during the day does not give you a free pass to skip your nighttime skincare routine. Your skin regenerates overnight (it’s not called beauty sleep for nothing!) and using a rich night cream will aid your skin’s overnight renewal process. Your skin gets to work when you go to sleep, so this is the best time to cover your skin in a super hydrating night cream so you can wake up to skin that is soft and bouncy.
The L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Moisturizing Night Cream is enriched with anti-ageing elements that help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, boost your skin’s firmness and youthfulness and enhance your skin’s radiance overnight. The night cream helps your skin’s regeneration process to give you fresh and radiant skin. The Pro-Retinol A and Centella Asiatica in the cream re-firms, restores, and revitalizes your skin overnight – this is going to help especially, in reducing fine lines around eyes.

● Prevention is better than cure

Yes, while you can reduce fine lines and wrinkles on face, you might not be able to get rid of their appearance completely. This is why using different preventions for fine lines vs wrinkles can keep your skin looking younger than actually having to fix them. Exercising alongside a nutrient rich diet is a no brainer when it comes to preventing fine lines and wrinkles on face. But you can also benefit from using retinol-rich serums and moisturisers early on to prevent fine lines and wrinkles from arising at all.

If you see light fine lines under the eyes already, invest in eye serums before the lines turn into deeper set wrinkles. Use super hydrating face masks such as Revitalift Crystal Micro-Essence Sheet Mask to get a more refined skin early on. Using skincare rich in hyaluronic acid, retinol, and niacinamide can also help your skin look plumper, free from fine lines and wrinkles, for longer years.

Now that you know the difference between fine lines and wrinkles and a few ways in which you can delay the onset of these pesky signs of ageing, get a head start with L'Oreal Paris and start a skincare routine to minimise their appearance.

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