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7 Powerful Ingredients for Hyperpigmentation Treatment

Let’s face it! Heavily pigmented areas around the mouth, dark spots on the face, skin discoloration, and other forms of hyperpigmentation can be frustrating to notice. While you will probably leave no stone unturned to get the best possible solution for stubborn hyperpigmentation, stop and ask yourself if you’re doing it correctly! Are you using the right ingredients for hyperpigmentation or pairing them correctly with other skincare ingredients? In case you didn’t know, there are certain ingredients that work wonderfully on dark spots and hyperpigmentation while there are some that negate the benefits when used together. So, if your immediate query is how to treat hyperpigmentation with effective ingredients and products, we have all the answers for you. Here’s a list of ingredients that you should use and pair if you are combatting stubborn dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Use these 7 ingredients to prevent hyperpigmentation

Dark patches or hyperpigmentation results from excess melanin production. Your body gets the zeal to produce more melanin when it is overtly exposed to the sun, radiation, or hormonal imbalance. The more melanin your body generates, the darker your skin becomes.

So, if you are wondering how to treat hyperpigmentation, these 7 ingredients listed below can come to your rescue:

1. Azelaic Acid for Hyperpigmentation

Being a tyrosinase inhibitor, Azelaic acid aids in preventing and treating hyperpigmentation. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help to tackle both acne and hyperpigmentation. This organic acid works mildly yet effectively on the skin to suppress hyperpigmentation. People can use azelaic acid for pigmentation during pregnancy to treat melasma that invades the skin due to hormonal changes. Those suffering from melasma can derive benefits from the topical application of 20% azelaic acid on the skin.

2. Vitamin C for Hyperpigmentation

How to treat hyperpigmentation, you ask? Trust vitamin C and include this rich source of antioxidants in your hyperpigmentation skincare routine. Vitamin C aka ascorbic acid adeptly slows down melanin production by inhibiting the action of the enzyme tyrosinase (responsible for melanin production). On the other hand, this powerful antioxidant helps to depigment the hyperpigmentation spots on the skin. Other than this, vitamin C actively works in collagen synthesis and provides optimal photoprotection. So, use this vitamin, i.e., ingredient for hyperpigmentation to get superb treatment for dark spots on the skin.

3. Kojic Acid for Hyperpigmentation

If you are looking for a treatment for pigmented skin, you can trust Kojic acid for pigmentation-induced spot correction process. Kojic acid is derived from a certain type of fungus and is useful in preventing and treating hyperpigmentation. By using this potent ingredient, you can get effective results for all types of hyperpigmentation including post-inflammatory, sun-induced hyperpigmentation, and age spots. If you are looking for an organic ingredient to fade away dark spots and get an even complexion, then Kojic acid is the answer.

4. Niacinamide for Hyperpigmentation

Made from niacin (vitamin B3), niacinamide helps limit pigmentation issues. Wondering how? This skin-lightening compound expertly works by inhibiting transfer of melanosome. In layman’s terms, Niacinamide limits the transfer of small structures in a cell that causes pigmentation. As a result, you can notice visible changes in the appearance of dark spots and sun-induced damage. Those who have dry or sensitive skin, pigmented skin, inflammatory issues, and wrinkles can reap maximum benefits from niacinamide.

5. Arbutin for Hyperpigmentation

If you are searching for answers to how to treat hyperpigmentation, Arbutin is what you need to include in your skincare ritual. Arbutin is a star ingredient popular for its skin-lightening and de-pigmenting capabilities. This naturally occurring plant-derived compound inhibits tyrosinase activity, which means it can control melanin production and prevent hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Include arbutin in the list of ingredients for hyperpigmentation treatment to flaunt bright younger-looking skin.

6. Retinol for Hyperpigmentation

Retinol is a popular ingredient for hyperpigmentation treatment. It is a type of retinoid (made from vitamin A) that help lighten light to brown dark spots on the face, hands, neck, or arms. Topical retinol also helps reduce sun spots, age spots, liver spots, and other forms of hyperpigmentation. Wondering how? Retinol is particularly effective at increasing cell turnover which is why you can gradually notice impressive results over time when the skin starts to shed darker cells unveiling newer healthier skin cells.

7. Glycolic Acid for Hyperpigmentation

Conclude your search for how to treat hyperpigmentation with glycolic acid. It has the smallest-sized molecules of all AHAs, which allow it to reach the basal layer of the epidermis to accelerate skin renewal and remove melanin build-up cell by cell. It is an excellent chemical exfoliant and can effectively remove the outermost layer of the skin cells and oil by dissolving them. Glycolic acid has now become one of the most recommended skincare ingredients for hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and dullness treatment.

Now that you know the effective ingredients for hyperpigmentation, and dark spot treatment, you can use any of these or a pair of these ingredients. Read the next section to learn about the pairs that work well on the pigmented skin.

Pairs to Use While Treating Hyperpigmentation

  • Retinol and Vitamin C
  • Vitamin C and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) (Use these ingredients maintaining a time gap to avoid negative reactions)
  • Retinol and AHAs (Don’t pair these ingredients for hyperpigmentation treatment at the same time as it might cause dryness and irritation)

Skincare Routine for Hyperpigmentation

Put an end to your quest on how to treat hyperpigmentation and follow the skincare routine to reduce the appearance of dark patches on your skin:

• Cleansers:

Using an exfoliating cleanser would help increase the cell turnover process a bit faster. We recommend you to use the L’Oréal Paris Glycolic Bright Daily Foaming Face Cleanser as it exfoliates the pigmented skin with care to reveal healthy skin.

L’Oréal Paris Glycolic Bright Daily Foaming Face Cleanser

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• Serum:

Face serums target specific skin concerns and address those skin issues. The unique formulation of serum makes them the most sought-after skincare product. Apply a serum for hyperpigmentation after washing your face with a face wash. We recommend you use the L’Oréal Paris Glycolic Bright Skin Brightening Serum. The presence of 1% glycolic acid in this serum makes it a suitable product for hyperpigmentation for all skin types.

L’Oréal Paris Glycolic Bright Skin Brightening Serum

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• Day Cream:

Get rid of dark spots and hyperpigmentation with SPF moisturizer or cream. We recommend you use the L’Oréal Paris Glycolic Bright Day Cream with SPF 17. This glycolic acid-infused day cream reduces dark spots, and shields skin from harmful UV rays to unveil bright skin.

L’Oréal Paris Glycolic Bright Day Cream with SPF 17

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• Night Cream:

Complete your night-time routine for hyperpigmentation with a night cream. We recommend you use the L’Oréal Paris Glycolic Bright Glowing Night Cream. The glycolic acid + vitamin E formula increases cell renewal, removes melanin, and reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

L’Oréal Paris Glycolic Bright Glowing Night Cream

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Say goodbye to dark spots and skin discoloration by using any of these potent ingredients for hyperpigmentation. Once you identify your best match for hyperpigmentation treatment, you can focus on building your skincare routine and choose products accordingly. If you aren’t confident enough to build your skincare routine and need expert help, L’Oréal Paris is there for you. Head towards the L’Oréal Paris Skin Genius tool, and create your personalized skincare routine after analysing your skin like a pro.

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