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The Best Skin Care Routine to Minimize the Look of Existing Wrinkles

If you are in your late 20s or early 30s, it is time to get serious about skincare and make it a priority in your everyday routine. Starting a dedicated skincare routine early makes it easier to address different anti-ageing concerns in the future. Your 30s are when you start noticing your first wrinkles, so setting up an anti-ageing skincare routine for wrinkles now is perfect to minimize their appearance and prevent newer ones from rapidly forming. You don’t want to reach your 40s and then think about how to get rid of wrinkles, because by then it will be a little too late to banish them completely. 

So start young and establish a skincare routine for wrinkles if you want to hold on to your plump and youthful skin for many years to come. Here is the best skincare routine that will help you minimize the look of existing wrinkles so you will have less to complain about in the future.

• What is the difference between fine lines and wrinkles?

Fine lines are small skin creases that are often formed in those areas of your face that experience the most movement like the corner of your eyes and lips and the center of your forehead. A wrinkle is just like a fine line but the main difference between the two is their depth, a wrinkle is set deeper into the skin when compared to a fine line. While fine lines often disappear when your expression is relaxed, wrinkles make a permanent mark on your face. And, that’s the Difference Between Fine Lines And Wrinkles!

• What are the causes of wrinkles?

Wrinkles are developed due to various factors like repeated facial expressions, sun exposure, smoking, genetics, and more. One of the most common causes of wrinkles are ageing and overexposure to the sun, which causes the collagen and elastin in the skin to break down and regenerate slower, and this is another factor that contributes to the development of wrinkles on the face and also the neck. Other causes of wrinkles that have little to do with ageing are stress, lack of sleep, a diet high in sugar, and dehydration.

• How to get rid of wrinkles?

Even though you cannot completely stop the clock, here is a skin care routine for wrinkles that will help your skin look younger for longer – 

1. Wash your face with a gentle, non-drying cleanser to get rid of dirt, impurities, sweat, and oil from your face. If you wear makeup, first go in with a makeup remover or makeup removing wipes to remove all traces of makeup, and then follow up with your facial cleanser. The L’Oréal Paris Ideal Clean Makeup Removing Towelettes are perfect for when you want to quickly remove your makeup, even waterproof and long-wearing makeup, without rubbing and tugging at your skin excessively – which might again, lead to fine lines and then wrinkles on the face in the longer run. The purifying towelettes dissolve dirt, oil, and makeup to clean your face and visibly tighten your pores without drying out your skin.

2. Once you have washed and pat dried your face, use an anti-wrinkle serum to target your fine lines and wrinkles. The Revitalift Laser X3 Renewing Anti-Ageing Serum by L’Oréal Paris is enriched with highly concentrated actives to reverse the signs of ageing by reducing wrinkles and fine lines and refining your skin’s texture. The 3% Pro Xylane and Adenosine in the serum visibly transform your skin to give you a smoother and more radiant look. Use the serum every day to dramatically change your skin quality and appearance.

3. How to get rid of under eye wrinkles? The delicate skin around your eye is thinner than the skin on the rest of your face, so your rich and nourishing face cream will not work its wonders in your fragile eye contours. Instead, opt for a targeted eye cream to your daily skincare routine to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles under the eye.

4. Moisturize your face with a luxurious anti-ageing cream that addresses the appearance of wrinkles on the face, like the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Moisturizing Night Cream. The Revitalift Night Cream intensely hydrates the skin and enhances the skin’s regeneration process overnight so you wake up to firm, radiant, and youthful skin. 

5. No matter your skin type – oily, dry, or sensitive, you have to use a broad spectrum SPF during the day time to shield your skin from the sun. Prolonged exposure to the sun is one of the leading causes of wrinkles, so sunscreen is a must in your wrinkle-fighting skin care routine. Reapply the sunscreen every two to three hours when outdoors or every one to two hours if you are swimming or sweating excessively.

Now that you have established a skincare routine for wrinkles, here are some other key ingredients to look for in your anti-wrinkle products –

i. Hyaluronic acid –
This universally loved anti-ageing ingredient acts like a sponge and helps your skin retain moisture. Hydrated skin is plump skin and plump skin is skin that is free of fine lines and wrinkles. So make sure to include at least one product with hyaluronic acid in your everyday skincare regime; like the L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Hyaluronic Acid Fresh Mix Serum Sheet Mask that helps get plump & hydrated skin in just 15 minutes! It is a new generation of serum tissue mask – with the serum and tissue mask in separate chambers. The hyaluronic acid serum mask preserves freshness until activated by mixing and gives instant boost of hydration to the skin – the ultimate treatment for wrinkles!

ii. Retinol is one of the most popular anti-wrinkle ingredients as it boosts cell turnover and targets fine lines and wrinkles by speeding up skin’s natural exfoliation process. Click on the link to understand how to use retinol cream for wrinkles and get firm and younger-looking skin.

iii. Vitamin C – 
Another commonly used anti-wrinkle ingredient, vitamin C stimulates collagen production which in turn maintains your skin’s elasticity and volume and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

So here you have it! We hope that we have helped you address this anti-ageing concern and help you in your skincare journey to banish them wrinkles!
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