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Tanned Legs Without Fake Tan? Other Safe Tanning Tips for Golden Skin

Tanned Legs Without Fake Tan Other Safe Tanning Tips for Golden Skin

We know it's not beach weather yet, but we don't fancy staying in trousers and long sleeves until August to avoid showing our pasty arms and legs. So, what is the secret to golden skin? How do we get the tanned legs we've been dreaming of? Self tan is one solution of course, but some of us don't feel confident enough to try applying it ourselves. Here are our solutions.

We love our BB cream! So what about BB cream for the body? There are now body products that promise to do all-in-one: enhance colour, smooth out imperfections, soften skin, moisturise the epidermis, etc. BB cream has no self tanning ingredients but does contain corrective pigments that enhance your skin tone for an immediate bronzed look. And that's without leaving marks or masking your skin! The tint of the cream, usually a one-shade-fits-all affair, adapts to most skin tones and is heat resistant. Meanwhile, its texture is light and liquid, ensuring long-lasting hydration for your skin. But beware: BB cream will not protect you from the sun!

Which vegetable should you have on your plate throughout the year to enhance your complexion? Time's up: the answer is carrots! They are rich in provitamin A (or beta-carotene), enhance your skin tone, prepare your skin for sun exposure and accelerate tanning. Try drinking a vitamin-rich juice in the morning. Other foods that contribute towards a healthy complexion:winter squashes, spinach, cabbage, broccoli, apricots, peaches, mango... They will give you a radiant complexion and more luminous skin, thanks to the carotenoid pigments; powerful anti-oxidants; they contain.

There's nothing else to do besides taking your sun supplements every morning. They contribute towards healthy, golden skin through their composition, made up of carotenoids, vitamin A and vitamin E, all of which do wonders towards progressively tanning your skin. The result won't be immediate, so leave a month or two of taking the supplements daily before the glowing skin effect kicks in.

To ensure a golden complexion, go with products that are packed full of pigments: a bronzing makeup base, a bronzing primer to hold the makeup better and a bronzing powder two tones darker than your skin colour. Don't forget to only highlight certain areas of your face for a natural bronzed effect. Obviously, this solution is no good for getting tanned legs, but a glowing face is a start!