Skin Care

Special Evening Occasions: Quick How-to Guide on Achieving a Glowing Complexion

Because party time is your time to shine, it's important to get that luminous glow ahead of Christmas and your New Year's celebrations on the 31st December. Here's our very own how-to skincare guide!

It's never too early to start preparing your skin to look its best ahead of those special evening occasions. We recommend following a detox diet, starting around 10 days before the festivities get under way. Don't deprive yourself, the idea is to simply limit your consumption of sugar, alcohol, fatty foods and bread. Up your intake of vitamin C, this will help with collagen formation and will fight against dull skin by stimulating microcirculation. Citrus fruit, guava, papaya, cabbage, green pepper and spinach are all full of this vital antioxidant. We also recommend selecting foods high in beta-carotene, the vitamin which will give you that 'healthy glow' (carrots, spinach, red pepper, cabbage), as well as foods rich in polyphenols which fight against free radicals (apple, mango, soya, onion, tea and chocolate, in moderation !). The glowing complexion you've always wanted is finally yours!

To get your radiant glow, gently exfoliate your face, choosing a scrub for sensitive skin, either with or without micro granules. This will clear away any dead cells which cause dull looking skin. If you already exfoliate your face once a week, increase to two or three times the week before the holidays. Next, apply a moisture mask or an ultra-hydrating face cream. Your skin will then be better equipped to absorb the active ingredients and fully enjoy the benefits. Take time to properly massage the moisturising cream into your face to smooth out any fine lines and give your skin a fresh, youthful appearance.

When it comes to getting that glowing complexion for your special occasion, a little make-up can go a long way ! For a perfect base, mix your usual foundation with a highlighter. The result is a glowing, natural finish. Add a touch of shimmer bronzer and pink blusher to your cheekbones.

Wherever you're seeing in the New Year, it's all about the eyes! Apply a false lash effect mascara, a light shade of glitter eyeshadow to retain that fresh look, and an eyeliner with the classic flick...

The only thing missing is a smack of glossy lipstick to complete that youthful, radiant look and luminous complexion. Ready to party all night long?