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Perfect Your Pout With A Lip Mask

Straight from Asian beauty routines, lip masks are made from slightly rigid sheets packed with a hydrogel. These mouth-shaped masks are pumped full of active ingredients and all you need to do is apply it to your lips and sit back for 15 minutes or so. Use them between one and three times a week, depending on the state of your lips, to see the best results.

What's more, numerous types of lip masks are available today such as collagen-rich masks to plump up your lips, shea butter-based masks to deeply nourish, and rose-imbued masks to soothe painful or chapped lips.

To get the most out of your lip mask, make sure your lips are clean and flake-free. That way, they'll easily soak up the active ingredients for maximum pout power.

Start with a gentle scrub. Mix equal amounts of honey and granulated sugar and apply using small, circular movements. Follow by applying your mask. Leave it on for several minutes to get soft, nourished, well-moisturised lips. It'll also soothe any painful patches or chapped lips caused by the weather or harsh environments.

These masks are for anyone with dry, sensitive, or chapped lips caused by facing the elements and for those who want a collagen-packed, needle-free alternative way to plump up their mouths. These masks are also a great pre-lipstick primer.

Lip balms and masks aren't the same! Balms are good for a quick, soothing, superficial touch-up while masks work on a deeper level. The results are instant and last for several days, unlike balms that have to be frequently re-applied throughout the day. But don't expect overnight miracles.

As with facial or body skin, it takes time to get your lips into tip-top kissable shape. And although lip masks work a treat, they're not a pretty sight and you'll need to keep still for several minutes if you don't want them to fall off. Hungry? Thirsty? Need to use the loo? Do what you need to do before applying your mask!

The L’Oréal Paris Lip Balms are a concoction of healing oils. These oils correct the dull complexion of lips with a few applications to give you fuller, luscious lips. The natural oils in the product work by erasing chapped lines and healing your lips on a deeper level. This flushes the lips and returns their natural colour as well.