Skin Care

Makeup For Sensitive Skin is Your Makeup Causing Flare-ups

Picture-perfect glam looks are the result of a diligent skincare routine and the right blend of makeup essentials. However, what do you do when your skin errs on the side of sensitive and inflammation-prone? Applying makeup over sensitive skin can cause a lot of redness and irritation – doing more bad than good. The trick lies in mastering the art of a few techniques that do not distress the natural being of your skin.

Follow these tips that will keep away makeup woes and let your skin stay happy, just the way it must be.

Choose the right products

Fragile, sensitive skin needs to be treated with suitable products. Choose wisely so that you don't end up with stinging skin or red patches. Go for products designed for sensitive skin: fragrance-free, hypoallergenic, and dermatologically tested. Avoid allergy-causing pigments alongside some surfactants or parabens that can cause flare-ups. This may sound a bit complicated, but it all boils down to a less is more approach. The fewer the ingredients, the happier the state of your skin.


Cleanse and treat

The pre-makeup golden rule, no matter what skin type, is to cleanse and treat. Makeup sits better on squeaky clean skin. Sensitive skin is prone to flare-ups and skipping your cleanse will only make blemishes, red patches, and itchiness worse. So start by cleansing with a high-tolerance, soothing treatment that's doesn't contain perfumes, preservatives, or surfactants. The Loreal Paris White Perfect Milky Foam FaceWash is an effective solution that is perfect for daily cleansing. Formulated with potent ingredients like Vitamin C and Tourmaline Gemstone, it keeps your skin flawless, free from impurities. Follow with a face cream designed for sensitive skin as it will calm any inflammation and work as a makeup primer.

For extra pampering and comfort, treat your face to a sensitive skin mask and fine grain scrub once a week.


Use a non-comedogenic foundation

Don't slap on any old warpaint! An unsuitable foundation will make way for itchy skin hell coupled with inflammation. Stick to non-comedogenic foundations that won't dry your skin and apply them using a sponge or brush. Use foundations that have been dermatologically tested and contain soothing active ingredients - mineral-based or liquid textures help to prevent flare-ups. Our tip? Add a dollop of face cream to your foundation for added moisturizing power. Once done, a quick spritz will fix your makeup and keep your skin comfy if you give your face a mist during the day.


Eye makeup, the right way

The last thing you need is mascara streaming down from puffy, watery eyes. So take the time to scour for the right formulae! Eye shadow-wise, apply light, fluid textures rather than greasy formulations that make fragile eyelids swell up.


Keep the lips well-hydrated

Our lips lack an epidermis and hydrolipidic film. This means that the extremely fragile zone bears the heavy-brunt of harsh elements. Lips need just as much loving care as the rest of our face. Start by applying a nourishing lip balm or a dab of shea butter and leave for a few minutes. Follow with a lipstick that doesn't contain preservatives or allergy-provoking pigments. You could also try a lipstick that contains repairing active ingredients for a one-step way to the perfect pout!


Follow hygiene

So you've sorted out your cleanser, moisturiser, and makeup... Now to make sure that nothing hinders all your hard work, don't lend or borrow makeup, unless you want to catch cold sores from lipsticks or conjunctivitis from someone's mascara. Put lids back on after use, as dust and grime are perfect breeding grounds for nasty bugs. Store your makeup in a dry place, so that bacteria don't multiply and harm your already fragile skin. An already known but imperative practice, wash brushes and sponges with soap and water or a makeup brush cleaner after each use.

The mentioned tips can feel like a chore but will spare you skin-wrath. A few steps and a routine will ensure that the sheen of your beautiful skin stays undisrupted and healthy.