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Help! I’ve Spotted A Wrinkle – How To Prevent Wrinkles

So you noticed your first wrinkle! While this is completely normal and is no reason to panic, spotting your first wrinkle can come as a shocker. The pesky fine lines finally caught up with you and now made a permanent place for themselves on your face. Even though growing old and flaunting some signs of ageing is nothing to stress over, we understand your desire to have smooth, plump, and tight skin that is devoid of wrinkles. From what causes wrinkles to how to prevent wrinkles around your eyes and your forehead, here is everything you need to know to ease your ageing fears.

• What are the causes of wrinkles?

Whether you like it or not, growing old and dealing with signs of ageing skin and mature skin is a part and parcel of life. But your age is not the only thing that contributes to this common concern. Different factors like your genetics, facial expressions, pollution, stress, prolonged exposure to the sun, lifestyle habits, diet and exercise, your sleeping pattern, and more play a role in this wrinkle war. Dehydration is another important contributor to your first wrinkle. Poor moisture levels in the epidermis lead to fine lines which then settle in as wrinkles. Want to know more about the difference between the two? Here is the difference between fine lines and wrinkles.

• How to get rid of wrinkles and prevent them?

Start early and take good care of your skin from your early 20s to make sure your skin stays wrinkle free for as long as possible. The following are a few simple things you can start doing as early as today to prevent newer wrinkles from forming –

o Wear sunscreen – Lack of sun protection is one of the biggest causes of wrinkles! You have to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen EVERY DAY, not just when it is sunny outside. Slather a generous amount of sunscreen every single day to prevent premature ageing, dry skin, and dark sun spots. Stay in the shade whenever possible and use an SPF even on cloudy days to keep your skin from losing its youthfulness – one of the best tips for wrinkles!

o Exfoliate your skin - Scrubbing away the dead skin cells that build up on your face is a great way to smoothen out your skin’s texture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Use a gentle yet effective face scrub (physical or chemical) one to three times a week for healthy and smooth skin that looks young and fresh.

o Wear sunglasses when it is bright and sunny – You might not realize it, but repeatedly squinting when you are outdoors is a one-way ticket to wrinkle town! The repetitive facial movements during squinting (or making any other facial expression) break down the collagen and cause wrinkles under the eyes, especially around your eyes and in the middle of your forehead. Keep the crow’s feet at bay (without having to opt for expensive under eye treatments) and protect your eyes by using always wearing dark, UV protective sunglasses on sunny days – and that’s how to get rid of undereye wrinkles!

o Sleep on your back – Sleeping on your stomach or your sides is another common cause of wrinkles. Smushing your face against the pillow causes your skin to fold and crease, giving rise to wrinkles which are more commonly known as sleep lines. Sleep on your back and swap out your cotton pillowcases for those made out of silk to reduce the chances of developing wrinkles on the face & neck.

o Drink more water – Dehydrated skin is wrinkly skin, so drink enough water throughout the day to maintain your skin’s overall health and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. When your body is sufficiently hydrated, your skin not just gets healthier but also looks supple and plump.

• Skincare routine for wrinkles

The cosmetic and skincare industry has advanced tremendously in the last couple of years, meaning there is a skincare product out there to tackle all of your different anti-ageing concerns. Here is a simple skincare routine for wrinkles you can follow at nighttime to target wrinkles and preserve your youthful appearance.

1. Use an oil-based makeup remover or makeup removing wipes to take off all your makeup before bed. Leftover makeup clogs your pores and forms a layer on your skin that prevents your skin from breathing. This layer of dirt, makeup, and impurities also block your skincare products from penetrating into your skin to work its magic. So going to bed with your makeup on is a big no-no if you are serious in your battle against wrinkles on the face and neck! Use the Ideal Skin Makeup Removing Towelettes by L’Oréal Paris to remove all traces of makeup, even stubborn long-wearing makeup, without drying out your skin.

2. Once all your makeup is off, use a hydrating and moisturizing facial cleanser to wash your face without stripping the moisture and natural oils from your skin. Foams, cleansing milks, and creamy textures are great for your skin as they help you get rid of all the impurities while also moisturizing your skin.

Use a serum on your cleansed face to target your wrinkles. Serums are packed with a high concentration of active ingredients and should be a must-have in your skincare arsenal. Use an anti-ageing or anti-wrinkle serum to refine your skin’s texture and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. For example, the L'Oréal Paris Revitalift 1.5 % Hyaluronic Acid Serum - is a lightweight and non-sticky serum, that helps get instant visible results and see your skin getting better day after day! This hyaluronic acid serum penetrates deep into the skin and instantly hydrates your skin! With regular use, it increase your radiance by upto 42%*!

3. Lock in the moisture and all the goodness from the serum by ending your night routine with a luxurious night cream. A moisturizing night cream hydrates and nourishes your skin overnight so you wake up to skin that is plump and free of lines. Try the Revitalift Moisturizing Night Cream by L’Oréal Paris to enhance your skin’s regeneration process overnight. The Pro-Retinol A and Centella Asiatica in the Revitalift Moisturizing Night Cream re-firm, restore, and revitalize the skin and give you a fresh, radiant, and youthful look the next morning. Since the area under your skin is thinner than that on the rest of your face, use a special treatment for wrinkles for your eye contours along with your face cream to prevent wrinkles from cropping up in your eye area.

Want a morning skincare routine, know more about how to prevent wrinkles and complement the nighttime routine you just learnt about? Read more of our articles to learn more tricks and tips for wrinkles!