So, What Are Sleep Lines Exactly?

The lesser known brother of the expression line, the sleep wrinkle, is no less unsightly. These lines, which appear with age, can decide to appear on our faces at any time and stay for good. So, how can we prevent sleep lines and get rid of them?

1. What are sleep lines?

Sleep lines only tend to appear after the age of 45 - 50, when the skin has lost some of its elasticity. At this age, the dermis breaks more easily and wrinkles can make themselves at home. Sleep lines sink in when you are lying on your front or side, due to the weight of your head on the pillow that makes your skin fold. On young, firm skin, these folds quickly go away. But on mature skin, these sleep wrinkles become accentuated over time and end up marking your face permanently: a vertical line on your cheek, another on the side of your face at the crow's feet, another diagonal one on the forehead. These sleep lines should not be considered inevitable!

2. How to prevent sleep lines

The simplest solution is to sleep on your back! But some people find it hard to sleep in this position and anyway, the problem remains if you move around in the night without realising. You could try a protective night cap or headrest, which may work, as long as you also apply moisturiser when going to bed. Sleeping on satin sheets can also reduce the formation of sleep lines, as satin does not mark the skin, unlike polyester and cotton. Instead of investing in new sheets, you could just wrap your pillow in a satin scarf and that will do the trick!

3. How to treat sleep lines

According to dermatologists, sleep lines are different to expression lines and cannot therefore be treated in the same way. Expression lines may be treated by anti-ageing creams or other treatments, but this is not the case for sleep wrinkles, which are not caused by repeated contractions of the face muscles. So, some treatments will have no effect on sleep lines. To tackle them, there's just one solution: Hyaluronic acid! Daily use of a hyaluronic acid-based cream will plump up your skin and sleep wrinkles will be reduced. You can try the Revitalift Moisturizing Night Cream in your daily night routine to enhance the skin’s regeneration process overnight. Enriched with HA, this night cream re-firms, restores, and revitalizes the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The injection option is also open; one session is enough to correct these sleep lines for between 8 months and a year.

As you grow old, your skin undergoes a lot of changes, and wrinkles are inevitable. But by taking care of your skin and using the right skincare products, you can delay the signs of ageing and hold on to your younger-looking skin for longer. So follow the steps mentioned above to protect your youthful radiance and prevent deep set sleep lines!