Skin Care So, What Are Sleep Lines Exactly?

Just when you thought you knew everything there is to know about fine lines, frown lines, and expression lines, another ageing skin concerns made its mark on your face – sleep lines! But what are sleep lines? What causes sleep lines? Is there any way to prevent them? If this is the first time you are hearing about these pesky and unsightly lines, read on to learn more about them and how to prevent them from becoming permanently etched onto your skin.

• What are sleep lines?

A lesser known brother of the more common frown lines, sleep lines are those annoying little lines that make an appearance on your face if you have been pressing your face against your pillow all night. Over time, these sleep lines can end up marking your face permanently, from lines on your cheek and around your sleep lines under eyes to some more on your forehead. Keep reading to know how to prevent frown lines!

• What causes sleep lines?

Matured and ageing skin lacks the elasticity and volume of young and plump skin. As you grow old, your dermis breaks more easily and your skin takes longer to snap back to its original state. When your face is pressed against a pillow, the weight of your head makes your skin form little folds against the pillow. Night after night, these sleep lines are accentuated and before you know it, they have made themselves at home on your face. When your skin is young and supple, the folds go away when you wake up, but with age, the collagen and elastin in your skin reduce and the wrinkles come to stay for good.

• How to prevent sleep lines?

If you are plagued by this ageing skin concerns, here is how you can prevent sleep lines and treat the existing ones to minimize their appearance –

1. Sleep on your back

Since sleep lines are caused by the weight of your head against the pillow, the best way to prevent them is to sleep on your back. By sleeping on your back, you are protecting your face from getting squished on the pillow and this, in turn, will stop the little folds on your skin from marking your face. If you have been sleeping on your stomach or your side your entire life, this might not come easily to you, but train your body to sleep on your back if you want to wake up with a wrinkle free skin.

2. Use a silk or satin pillowcase

While you are slowly working your way up towards sleeping on your back, switch out your cotton pillowcase with a silk or satin one. The soft fabric is good for the skin as your skin glides off the surface and does not press and scrunch up against it. Cotton pillowcases might be more comfortable than a silk or satin pillowcase but they tend to grip onto your skin. Using a smoother and softer pillowcase will reduce the chances of you waking up with sleep lines and imprints.

3. Nourish your skin overnight with targeted anti-wrinkle skincare products

Since your skin repairs itself overnight, night time skincare ingredients are formulated with active-ingredients that boost the skin regeneration process and give your skin a helping hand to repair itself while you get your beauty sleep. So use concentrated skincare products like serums to target your wrinkles and fine lines. For example, the L'Oréal Paris Revitalift 1.5 % Hyaluronic Acid Serum - is a lightweight and non-sticky serum, that helps get instant visible results and see your skin getting better day after day! This hyaluronic acid serum penetrates deep into the skin and instantly hydrates your skin! With regular use, it increase your radiance by upto 42%*! Use the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Moisturizing Eye Cream to improve the skin’s texture and reduce sleep wrinkles and fine under eye lines. With Centella Asiatica and Protinol A to improve skin density, moisturize your skin around the eyes, reverse the signs of ageing.

4. Massage your face in the morning

As soon as you wake up, gently massage your face in an upward direction while paying special attention to the wrinkled and creased areas of your face. Massaging your face will increase the flow and circulation of blood and oxygen to those areas and will help fill in the sleep wrinkles, until they slowly start to fade away. You can also use a cold press, a cube of ice, or cold green tea bags to the wrinkles to de-puff the skin and minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Green tea is rich in anti-oxidants which work on your sleep lines to diminish them. And that’s how you prevent sleep lines!

Dealing with some other ageing skin concerns as well? Now that you know what are sleep lines and the best ways to deal with them, read more to know how to address them so you can enjoy healthy, youthful, radiant & wrinkle free skin even as you age!