Skin Care Filler facial serums, 40 year olds' BFF

Filler facial serums 40 year olds BFF

Once we've reached this milestone, our skin will present us with new challenges. To better treat it, we need to understand exactly what's going on:- our skin becomes thinner and drier,- our facial contours are less defined,- dark circles and tear troughs seem deeper, making us look exhausted, even if we feel like spring chickens.

So no need to dither any longer, it's time to launch a preemptive strike against sagging skin. The aim? To plump up and add volume to our skin. We recommend you apply 3 to 4 drops of a revolumising serum every morning and night. Being packed with hyaluronic acid, it will plump and moisturise your face, increasing your skin's density in the process. Another essential beauty tip once we hit our forties is to take as much care of our necks and cleavages as our faces.

Skincare's a bit like fashion. We take the time to mix and match our clothes and accessories to create a coordinated look. Well, the same goes for beauty treatments. Using the same brand of serum as your day/night cream will only enhance their beneficial effects. And for us 40 year olds, this is THE anti-ageing winning combo. Serums boost the effectiveness of revolumising day and night creams. By combining their efforts, they're an effective weapon against loss of volume. So treat yourself to a revolumising skincare routine and show off your youthful, plump features.