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How to brace your body against winter's icy chill

Our bodies suffer during winter months; our system is vulnerable, fragile and needs a helping hand to face the elements. Our entire body - the epidermis included - needs to deal with harsh weather conditions. Here are 3 tips to help you protect yourself from the cold, wind and viruses, so that you breeze through winter without a snuffle in sight.
To prevent dry skin due to the cold, wind or central heating, you should apply a moisturiser several times a day. Slather your body with a balm or body butter that's packed with nourishing active ingredients such as shea or cacao butter. Remember to apply it every evening after your bath or shower. Side note - try not to stay too long in the shower and avoid really hot water, as both can harm skin.

Pamper your hands, as they suffer the most during cold weather. Keep a hand cream within reach and treat them to a mask before hitting the sack. As for your face, swap your light moisturiser for a cream that's bursting with antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E: these will form a protective layer on top of your skin's natural barrier (AKA hydrolipidic film). Try the Revitalift Moisturizing Night Cream to hydrate the skin and boost regeneration for a fresh and radiant look overnight.

Pop your micellar water back in its drawer and cleanse with a cleansing oil that will give your skin the lipids it craves. Finally, protect your pout by regularly apply a nourishing lip balm, whether instead of or under your lipstick.


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The best way to protect your body from the cold is to wear several layers of clothes rather than one big jumper. Even if it's really thick! Wearing layers allows warm air to circulate around the body and insulate it from the cold. So layer on clothes that are not too tight. Bear in mind that synthetic materials are more efficient that wool!

Protect your extremities - our heads and hands lose a lot of heat, so dig out your hat and gloves as soon as the mercury drops to around. Try not to wear tight shoes; sorry girls, but the killer heels will have to wait until it warms up.


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We may love a glass or two, but, contrary to popular belief, booze doesn't increase our body temperature. Indeed, it's quite the opposite. Alcohol has a vasodilator effect that heats up our skin, but not the rest of our body. Better to quench your thirst with water. Add to that fruit juices, hot chocolate and fruit/herbal teas. Food-wise, our bodies need extra calories if they're to combat icy weather. But that doesn't mean scoffing on fatty foods! Try to eat foods that are packed with vitamins, mineral salts and trace elements, rather than resorting to your local, greasy spoon. Cereals, bread, starchy foods, dairy products, fruits and oily fish will give your body all it needs to deal with freezing temperatures.

Winter holidays are the perfect time to relax, be cosy, and enjoy your favourite holiday movies. But don’t forget to take care of your skin and give it some extra TLC during the cold winter months. The last thing you need is dry and cracked skin that feels uncomfortable! Stay warm and nourish your skin to enjoy the winter without any worries.