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Amazing daughter’s day gift ideas to pamper

Every year, the fourth Sunday of September is observed as National Daughter’s Day. A day to celebrate your daughter's existence in your life and the amount of joy and happiness she brings with her presence, smile, and cute gestures (not to forget the tantrums she throws sometimes). Having a daughter is a pure blessing – an energy that always brightens up your mood and a soul that makes you a proud parent every time you look at her. So why not celebrate her day by pampering her with love and gifts that she will like and adore.

If you don’t know where to start or what to pick for her, allow us to make things easier for you with our guide on Daughter’s Day gifting ideas. From skincare, makeup to hair care, this list will cover all her unique concerns and needs, and help her shine like a diva. So, without further ado, check out these Daughter’s Day gift ideas and shortlist your favourite picks to pamper your daughter.

National Daughter’s Day gift ideas

Looking for unique yet caring gifting ideas for Daughter’s Day? Skim through the following list and you will have your answer.

• Skincare gift ideas for Daughter’s Day

Pack the goodness of potent ingredients like Glycolic acid, Hyaluronic acid and more, in your Daughter’s Day gifting box and watch her glow with healthy and effective skincare.


The first skincare product that you must put in the Daughter’s Day gift box is a face cleanser. It is crucial to cleanse the skin, preferably twice a day, to eliminate dirt, dust, and pollution. Go for a glycolic acid-infused cleanser as it helps exfoliate the skin and keep dullness at bay.

Our pick: L’Oréal Paris Glycolic Bright Daily Foaming Face Cleanser


If dark spots and hyperpigmentation are a concern for your daughter, introduce her to an AHA face serum. Glycolic acid serum is a skin-brightening serum that can help eradicate stubborn dark spots in just a few weeks.

Our pick: L’Oréal Paris Glycolic Bright Skin Brightening Serum


While packing the National Daughter’s Day gift box, don’t forget to include a moisturizer. For AM moisturization, you can go for glycolic acid-infused SPF moisturizer for ultimate sun protection, dark spot treatment, and a brighter looking skin. For PM moisturization, choose glycolic acid and vitamin E-infused night cream for visibly brighter and radiant skin.

Our picks: L’Oréal Paris Glycolic Bright Day Cream with SPF 17, L’Oréal Paris Glycolic Bright Glowing Night Cream


Any skincare combo is incomplete without sunscreen. It is a must-have skincare product that shields the skin from the negative effects of UVA and UVB rays.

Our pick: L’Oréal Paris UV Defender Sunscreen Range

Face mask

Face masks are another wonderful Daughter’s Day gift idea. Face masks especially those drenched in Hyaluronic acid intensely hydrate the skin, and delivers plump and supremely hydrated skin in no time.

Our pick: L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Hyaluronic Acid Fresh Mix Serum Sheet Mask

• Makeup gift ideas for Daughter’s Day

If your daughter is a makeup enthusiast, then she will definitely love and appreciate these Daughter’s Day gifts!


Foundation is one of the best Daughter’s Day gifts, and we’ll help you pick the right one for her. Whether you want matte or liquid foundation, medium or full coverage, there’s something for everyone. Just make sure, the foundation matches her skin tone and undertones.

Our picks: L’Oréal Paris Infallible 24H Matte Cover Foundation Range, L’Oréal Paris True match Super Blendable Liquid Foundation Range


Those long hours of working or binging shows can lead to dark circles, blemishes and more. A concealer can help her erase these blemishes and imperfections on the skin. You can opt for natural coverage concealer or full coverage concealer as per your choice.

Our picks: L'Oréal Paris True Match Concealer Range, L'Oréal Paris Infallible Concealer Range


If your daughter loves to create different types of eyeshadow makeup, then packing an eyeshadow palette as one of the Daughter’s Day gifts would surely make her happy. You can choose shimmer and matte or nude eyeshadow shades for various eye makeup looks.

Our picks: L'Oréal Paris La Petite Eyeshadow Palette (Maximalist), L'Oréal Paris La Petite Eyeshadow Palette (Nudist)


Be it glam makeup or the classic ‘no makeup’ makeup look, a mascara can liven up the entire ensemble. Just a few coats and you are ready to flaunt gorgeous, wispy lashes.


“I have enough lipsticks” - said no one ever! Be it liquid lipstick, lip crayon, matte or creamy lipstick, there’s always room for an extra (or a few) lip product in the makeup kit. Place a lipstick in the makeup combo and help her flaunt that perfect pout every day.

Our picks: L'Oréal Paris Rouge Signature Lipstick Range, L'Oréal Paris Infallible Lipstick Range

• Hair care and hair color gift ideas for Daughter’s Day

Apart from skincare and makeup, nourishing hair care combos are another great National Daughter’s Day gift idea.


Turn every day into a good hair day with a moisturizing and hydrating shampoo that addresses the individual hair needs and concerns. For instance, for damaged hair, you can pick a repairing shampoo that combats major signs of damaged hair - hair fall, dryness, roughness, dullness, and split ends; and leave you with stronger and renewed hair.

Our picks: L'Oréal Paris Total Repair 5 Repairing Shampoo


A hair wash routine is incomplete without conditioning the hair. Hence, the next hair care product that goes into the Daughter’s Day gift combo has to be a hair conditioner. A conditioner nourishes the hair and makes it strong and soft.

Our picks: L'Oréal Paris Total Repair 5 Restoring Conditioner


Wondering what else to pack in the Daughter’s Day gift combo? A hair serum. This type of hair care product offers instant smoothening and deep nourishment for a longer period. Additionally, hair serum protects the hair from dry and humid weather and enhances manageability.

Our picks: L’Oréal Paris Smooth Intense Serum


End your search for Daughter’s Day gift ideas with this hair mask. Trust us, your daughter would be absolutely surprised by your unique choice. Go for a ceramide-infused masque for intensive damaged hair repair treatment.

Our picks: L’Oréal Paris Total Repair 5 Masque

Hair colour

Another great way to surprise her is to gift her options for amazing hair transformations. Experiment with different hair colors like plum brown, caramel brown, etc. What’s more, these are ammonia-free hair color products and offer impressive color performance without damaging hair strength and elasticity.

Our picks: L’Oréal Paris Permanent Hair Color Range, L’Oréal Paris Semi-Permanent Hair Color Range.

While preparing the National Daughter’s Day gift combo, put a small note in there stating that she can now explore more makeup and hair color products virtually by navigating the L’Oréal Paris Virtual Try On tool. Additionally, she can analyze her skin like a pro by utilizing the L’Oréal Paris Skin Genius tool and even get a personalized skincare routine post-diagnosis. This will surely make the skincare combo super special.

“What is the best Daughter’s Day gift?”, “How can I make my daughter’s day special?”, “Which is the best gift for a girl?”, - we hope your questions are answered with this gifting guide. And don’t forget to put her favourite chocolates and give her a tight hug while giving these Happy Daughter’s Day gifts.

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