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10 Sunscreen Application Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Right Away

Applying sunscreen is a non-negotiable step and should be a must-have product in your skincare stash. Why? Because this is the best way to protect your skin from the harsh UV rays, sun damage and other environmental aggressors. However, there’s more to sunscreen application than you might think. Simply applying sunscreen is not enough as doing it incorrectly can make your skin more vulnerable to damage than you realise and even the most diligent people make a few mistakes when it comes to sunscreen application. Think about it - what is the point of spending your hard-earned money on sunscreen and not being able to make the most of it? To help you prevent damage and baking, here are some sunscreen mistakes that you must avoid making!

Mistakes to avoid while applying sunscreen –

  1. 1. Not reapplying sunscreen
  2. Remember, you can never have enough sunscreen by applying it only once. If you think applying sunscreen in the morning is enough, then you’re wrong. Reapplying sunscreen is a must to achieve the most of it. Regardless of the sunscreen formula you use, you need to re-apply your sunscreen, after swimming, too. You’re not fully protected if you don’t reapply sunscreen. Hence, we recommend applying sunscreen every two hours, daily.

  3. 2. Skipping sunscreen on cloudy days
  4. If you’re wondering when to apply sunscreen, the answer is ALWAYS. People tend to skip applying sunscreen in winter and this is one of the worst mistakes that anybody could make. 80% of the sunlight passes through clouds. Though UVB light decreases in winter, UVA is consistent all year. So, rain or shine, you need to keep applying sunscreen every day.

  5. 3. Using the wrong SPF
  6. If you don’t pay attention to the label, you’re getting the wrong sunscreen for you. Don't grab any sunscreen off the shelf. Choose a sun protection factor depending on your skin needs; for example, go for a higher SPF if you tend to burn easily. Higher SPF can provide more protection and prevent maximum sun damage. Using the right SPF is the key and we recommend applying sunscreen that has an SPF of 30 or more.

  7. 4. Not using enough amount of sunscreen
  8. The idea behind sunscreen application is to fully protect all exposed areas, so slather the product really well. This is not the time to be stingy.

  9. 5. Using old leftovers
  10. The average shelf life of sunscreen is about one to two years, depending on how you store it. Crossing the sunscreen expiry date is more likely to cause damage as it gets you overexposed to the sun, without realising.

  11. 6. Assuming dusky skin doesn’t need sunscreen
  12. Dusky skins are just as sensitive to sunlight as fairer skins. However, it is harder to detect UV damage, so be on your guard all the time.

  13. 7. Thinking only sunscreen application is enough
  14. Even if you’ve applied sunscreen, try to avoid stepping out when the sun is at its strongest. Wear hat, scarf, and covered clothes while stepping outdoors, especially during summer.

  15. 8. Not applying sunscreen at home
  16. Not applying sunscreen at home is one of the biggest mistakes that anybody can make. The harsh rays of the sun can pass through glass windows too and hence, sunscreen application is a must even when you’re indoors.

  17. 9. Neglecting to wear sunscreen under makeup
  18. Wearing full face-makeup, but skipping sunscreen? Not a good idea at all. Though there might be SPF in your makeup products, the concentration of sun-protecting ingredients is low as compared to sunscreen. Using sunscreen before your makeup routine is a must to prevent your face from damage.

  19. 10. Ignoring your skin type
  20. Make sure you keep your skin type in mind. Using the correct formula, depending on your skin type and needs will help you achieve more benefits. For example, if you’re one with an oily skin type, opt for a mattifying SPF and if you’re dealing with dry and dull skin, use a moisturising sunscreen. Not sure how to find the perfect sunscreen for your skin type? Head to the L’Oréal Paris Skin Genius tool to find your most suited sunscreen in seconds.

So, keep the above-mentioned sunscreen application tips in mind and browse through a wide range of L’Oréal Paris sunscreens to flaunt the skin of your dreams effortlessly!