Stepwise Diwali Makeup Look To Steal The Show This Festive Season

Diwali is around the corner and while the festival is all about celebrating the triumph of good over evil and spending time with your loved ones, it is also the perfect opportunity to get all dolled up and look the best from the rest. And while you might have already made elaborate plans for the kind of outfit, jewellery, and footwear you’ll wear, allow us to take care of your Diwali makeup look. No matter if you’re a makeup enthusiast or a newbie looking for a simple makeup for Diwali, this article is for you and will let your true self shine and steal the show with ease. Here’s a stepwise guide to amp up your Diwali special makeup and turn all heads around this festive season.

Pre-Diwali Makeup Skincare

  1. Step 1: Cleanse well
  2. Eliminate dirt, dust, and impurities from your skin by using gentle yet effective micellar water that cleanses the face without needing water to rinse it off. The best part of this cleanser is that it doesn’t leave your skin feeling dry. To freshen, revive and double cleanse your face, you can follow this step with a soothing face wash.

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  3. Step 2: Hydrate your skin
  4. Don’t forget to moisturise your skin before starting the Diwali makeup. Using a moisturiser will help you nourish and enhance your skin, and keep your face looking healthy and supple throughout the day. Make sure that you pick a moisturiser depending on your skin type and needs.

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    Pro tip: Don’t forget to complete the rest of your skincare routine to flaunt the healthy skin of your dreams. If you’re unsure of the skincare products that will best suit your skin needs and concerns, head to the L’Oréal Paris Skin Genius tool that helps analyse and evaluate your skin health, and find the personalised skincare routine tailormade for you.

    Now that your face is prepped well, let’s move to creating your Diwali special makeup.

Stepwise Diwali makeup look

Face makeup tips for Diwali

  1. Step 1: Prep your face
  2. Create a smooth canvas for your Diwali makeup by applying primer. Using a primer will help blur your pores, create an even texture, and help your Diwali special makeup last longer.
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  3. Step 2: Achieve a flawless base
  4. Use the foundation to get an even complexion and smooth texture. Make sure that you use a foundation shade that matches your skin tone and undertone to excel your Diwali makeup look. Start by dotting and blending a small amount of foundation and add more if needed.
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  5. Step 3: Conceal uneven skin
  6. Say goodbye to tired-looking eyes, acne marks and dark spots, and reveal healthy-looking skin by applying concealer. Use a shade or two lighter to create the brightening effect. Go for a water-proof concealer to avoid any hassle as you enjoy your Diwali celebrations.
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  7. Step 4: Lock the base
  8. Get rid of oil, shine, sebum and sweat by applying pressed powder. This will also help to lock your base makeup and leave your skin looking flawless.
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  9. Step 5: Add a hint of colour
  10. Add a touch of natural-looking flush to your cheeks and make your Diwali makeup pop by using blush. Go for a matte blush to make your face look healthy, radiant, and fresh. Apply it to the apple of your cheeks and blend it in an outwards direction, towards your temples. To amp up your Diwali simple makeup, apply the leftover blush to the bridge of your nose and chin.
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  11. Step 6: Put that glow on
  12. Shine like a star this Diwali by applying highlighter on the high points of your face to bring out that unmatched glow. Use it on the bridge of your nose, cupids bow, cheekbones and brow bone to create the perfect illuminating effect.
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Eye makeup tips for Diwali

  1. Step 1: Shape your brows
  2. Shaping and filling your eyebrows can make or break your final Diwali makeup look. Add oomph to your brows by using the right shade and techniques. Pro tip: Create natural-looking, fuller, and defined strokes and you will see how elevated your Diwali eye makeup looks.
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  3. Step 2: Colour your lids
  4. Unleash the artist within you and create your favourite Diwali eye makeup by colouring your lids with an eyeshadow palette of your choice. You can also mix and match shades, depending on the look you want to go for. Using the right application technique will help to intensify the expression of your eyes with ease and trust us, the possibilities are endless.
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  5. Step 3: Draw a wing
  6. Use the eyeliner to draw a simple and sharp line across your eyelids. Add a wing or cat eye effect to this line to take your Diwali eye makeup a notch higher. You can also go for the oh-so-trendy Smokey-eye look to create a statement this Diwali. Use a waterproof eyeliner to keep your Diwali eye makeup look in place all day.
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  7. Step 4: Shade your lower water line
  8. Define and enhance the beauty of your Diwali eye makeup by lining your lower water line with kajal. This will help you flaunt bold and beautiful eyes on the go. Opt for the smudge-proof formula to avoid any mess.
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  9. Step 5: Sculpt your lashes
  10. Sculpt, define, thicken, and coat your lashes from root to tip with mascara. Doing the eyelashes well will truly add dimension to your Diwali makeup look and help achieve the lashes of your dreams.
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Lip makeup tips for Diwali

  1. Step 1: Protect your lips
  2. Say goodbye to dried and chapped lips by hydrating your lips with a lip balm. This will help to heal and soothe your lips while protecting them from the sun. You can also opt for a tinted lip balm for a soft but better look.

  3. Step 2: Paint your pout
  4. Paint your pout with lipstick to complete your Diwali makeup look like a pro. You can choose from a wide variety of textures and shades, from subtle nudes to bold reds and everything in between, depending on your mood and outfit.
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For the perfect finish and to keep your Diwali makeup look on point all day, use the setting spray to look fresh and radiant. Apart from preventing smudging and fading, the setting spray will give your face a “just applied” look from dawn to dusk, without requiring to re-touch. See to it that you don’t apply the product directly onto your eyes and lips. Instead, hold it eight to ten inches away from your face and apply four to six times in an X and T motion to cover your entire face. Our recommendation - L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Spray & Set Makeup Extender Setting Spray

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Not sure which lipstick shade or eyeshadow shade will suit you the best? Head to the L’Oréal Paris Virtual-Try-On tool that helps to experiment with different makeup products virtually, from the comfort of your home, without having to spend a penny. Use your phone or computer camera to preview more than 100 shades of makeup and choose the best shades for you. Once confident, try the above-mentioned Diwali makeup look tutorial and have all eyes on you this festive season.

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