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Introducing L'Oréal Paris Magic Retouch, your go-to solution for those moments when you need a quick and effortless root touch-up. This ingenious instant root concealer spray is designed to cover grey roots in a single, convenient spray, allowing you to maintain a flawless hair appearance without any hassle.

Magic Retouch is your secret weapon for achieving salon-quality results at home or on the go. Whether you're preparing for a special event, extending the time between salon visits, or simply aiming for a quick touch-up, this root concealer spray has you covered. With the ability to perfectly match and blend with your natural dark brown hair, L'Oréal Paris Magic Retouch in the shade dark brown offers a seamless and efficient way to maintain your hair's vibrancy. Say goodbye to visible roots in just 3 seconds!

What does the L’Oréal Paris Magic Retouch Dark brown do?

L'Oréal Magic Retouch spray is an innovative product designed to effectively conceal grey roots and maintain a seamless hair appearance. L'Oréal Magic Retouch dark brown provides an instant and convenient solution to cover grey roots in just one quick spray. So, if you have natural dark brown hair and you have visible grey roots showing between salon visits or hair colour touch-ups, this product can help you achieve a refreshed and polished look within seconds.

What makes L’Oréal Paris Magic Retouch formula effective?

1. Rich Colour Pigments:

The L'Oréal Magic Retouch dark brown formula contains rich and vibrant colour pigments that are carefully selected to closely match your natural dark brown hair. These pigments provide intense and long-lasting coverage, effectively concealing grey roots and ensuring that the results appear natural and seamless.

2. Pinpoint Micro-Diffuser:

The pinpoint micro-diffuser of the Magic Retouch is a crucial element of the formula's effectiveness. It allows for precise and targeted application, enabling you to direct the spray precisely where it's needed to cover grey roots with accuracy. This precision ensures that the L'Oréal Paris Magic Retouch doesn't overspray or create a mess.

3. Long-Lasting Performance:

L'Oréal Magic Retouch is designed to offer more than just immediate coverage. Its unique formulation ensures that the colour pigments adhere to your hair, providing long-lasting results that stay intact until your next shampoo. This longevity allows you to go about your day with confidence, knowing that your roots remain concealed.

What are the visible results of using L’Oréal Paris Magic Retouch?

1. Grey root coverage:

The primary and most noticeable result of the Magic Retouch is the effective coverage of grey roots. The product conceals the grey hair, seamlessly blending it with your natural dark brown hair colour, resulting in a refreshed and youthful appearance.

2. Natural-looking finish:

Magic Retouch’s formula has rich colour pigments and gives precise application that creates a natural-looking finish. You'll enjoy a hair appearance that appears as if you haven't experienced any grey hair growth.

3. Flawless hair appearance:

L'Oréal Paris Magic Retouch in the shade brown helps you achieve a polished and flawless hair appearance. It eliminates the signs of grey roots, ensuring your hair looks consistently vibrant and well-maintained.

Who should use L’Oréal Paris Magic Retouch?

The L'Oréal Magic Retouch dark brown is ideal for people who have grey or white roots and want a quick and convenient solution to conceal them. It can also be used as a valuable tool if you're between salon visits and want to maintain a fresh hair appearance. The Magic Retouch is also ideal for those with busy lifestyles who may not have the time for frequent salon appointments as this product offers a convenient way to address grey roots on the go.

When to use L’Oréal Paris Magic Retouch?

1. Root Touch-Up:

Use the Magic Retouch spray when you start noticing visible grey roots or when your natural dark brown hair colour begins to show through after dyeing.

2. Between Salon Visits:

It's ideal for maintaining your hair colour and covering roots between salon appointments.

3. Special Occasions:

You can also use the L'Oréal magic retouch spray to quickly refresh your hair colour before special events or occasions when you want your hair to look its best.

How to use L’Oréal Paris Magic Retouch?
  1. Step 1: Start with clean, dry hair. Ensure that your hair is free from styling products like gels or hairsprays.
  2. Step 2: Shake the Magic Retouch bottle well before use to ensure that the product is thoroughly mixed.
  3. Step 3: Hold the bottle about 10-15 cm (4-6 inches) away from your hair. Make sure to point the nozzle of Magic Retouch towards your roots or regrowth area.
  4. Step 4: Apply the spray in short, controlled bursts to evenly cover the grey roots or regrowth. Avoid spraying too much in one area to prevent product build-up.
  5. Step 5: Gently massage or comb through your hair to help blend the Magic Retouch and ensure even coverage. You can use your fingers or a wide-toothed comb for this step.

Pro tip: L'Oréal Paris Magic Retouch is temporary and will wash out with your regular shampoo. You can use one of L'Oréal Paris shampoos to rinse the dark brown colour off your hair.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT FORMULA: The L'Oréal Paris Magic Retouch has a lightweight formula and does not weigh your hair down.
  • NO TRANSFER FORMULA: The Magic Retouch spray has a transfer proof formula. It will not stain your hands or your clothes.
  • TEMPORARY COLOUR: The L'Oréal Magic Retouch dark brown colour is a temporary solution for a root touch up. It washes off once your wash your hair with a shampoo.
  • MICRO DIFFUSION: It has a precise Micro-Diffusion for easy application.
  • 25 APPLICATIONS: You can use the Magic Retouch dark brown colour for up to 25 applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does Magic Retouch last?

The L'Oréal Magic Retouch dark brown colour lasts up to one wash. However, you can reapply the product as it can be used for up to 25 applications.

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While certain hair color options like pastel pink, light coral pink, teal, etc. require bleaching, there are other color shades that can beautifully and carefully transform your hair look without disturbing the hair’s melanin level – the pigment that gives the hair its color. Bleaching helps to dissolve the hair’s natural melanin or previous dye pigments to give you the desired results, especially when you have dark hair that has an abundance of melanin. However, bleaching can also weaken your hair and make it vulnerable to damage, frizz and dullness. Fret not, the no-bleach hair color options can come to the rescue. 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By adding a shade of brown to your hair. <a href="" style="color: #e32646; border-bottom: 1px dotted #e32646; text-decoration: none;">Brown hair colour shades</a> are chic, elegant and great for any or every occasion and outfit. It may seem simple and classic, but trust us, going brunette can never be boring. The brown hair colour is a perfect way to revamp and revitalise your hair and give it a beautiful look with ease. Feeling dull? Refresh your hair with honey or caramel brown. Feeling bold? Go for mocha and you’ll be all set. There’s a chocolate hair colour idea for every personality and the possibilities are endless. 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For instance, what type of hair color do you want permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary. Similarly, do you want to go global or balayage or have highlights? If it’s the latter then what are the different types of hair color highlights that you should consider? There are so many questions and we have answers to all of them. So, if you are curious to know everything about the process, walk with us! In this piece, we have provided a complete guide on different types of hair color highlights and some of the best hair options to choose from to get the perfect hair color transformation." } } ] } }
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