Skin Care

Why Oils Deserve Our Undivided Attention!

Once upon a time skin oils were greasy, shiny, sticky, pore-clogging nightmares. The latest generation, however, is the stuff of dreams and we're loving every last drop!

Easy to use

Greasy textures of bygone years have been replaced by silky formulae. These usually blend a base oil (shea butter, olive/almond/avocado oil) with specific active ingredients, other oils and/or vegetable extracts: aloe vera to hydrate, tea tree to purify, lavender to heal... They're light and packed with balancing ingredients. And the arrival of dry oils, brought with it gorgeous, fluid textures. Their non-greasy formulae means you no longer need to wait to get dressed or apply your make-up - a life saver for busy women!

Luxurious texture

Skin oils once had a terrible reputation: greasy, shiny, zit-producing, over-perfumed products that took ages to be absorbed by our skin. Since then, re-jigged formulae have taken British bathrooms by storm. These oils are used like serums - three drops on a damp face is all you need. They're soaked up in a flash, trap water in the dermis and don't stimulate sebum production.

Skin saviour

Nourishing, moisturising, protective, repairing - oils transform uncomfortable skin! If your skin's tight, itchy, blotchy, flaky or leathery, then reach for an oil. It'll instantly leave your skin supple and comfy. And turn pain into pleasure. Their warm feeling and delicate scents only add to the joy. A dewy plus? Satin oils that both condition and moisturise our skin.


If you're bored with run-of-the-mill creams and lotions or if you fancy a seasonal change, then invest in an oil! They come in so many forms, you'll be spoiled for choice. Vegetable oils, essential oils, face oils, cleansing oils, milk oils, gel oils, bi-phase oils. As easy to use as creams but with the turbo-charged benefits of an oil!

So what are you waiting for? Time to upgrade your skincare kit and incorporate skin oils to enjoy plump, hydrated, and moisturized skin that is healthy and glowing.