Skin Care

Why exercise is great for our skin!

Why exercise is great for our skin

In the same way that our kidneys filter our blood, our skin cleans itself by sweating. In other words sweating buckets helps our bodies to get rid of toxins. Toxins and grime are eliminated every time we sweat. Pores release impurities and dead cells are removed. The visible benefits of exercise? Clear, smooth, clean, glowing skin

Sports increase our heartbeat and it immediately shows on our skin. As our circulation speeds up, our skin flushes. The heat produced also boosts our skin's micro-circulation and lymphatic system. This irrigates and feeds our skin tissue. It hydrates our skin, making it more supple and giving it a healthy glow.

As our circulation kicks in, our skin becomes gorged with vitamins and nutrients that help it to function - in particular to heal and regenerate. By boosting fibroblasts (cells that produce fibres) our skin is able to produce and maintain the quality of its collagen and elastin. A natural anti-ageing mechanism that tones up our dermis. Add to that an increase in muscle mass, which adds to our skin's support structure.

Exercise is great for easing constipation and relieving stress, both of which can contribute to the appearance of acne. What's more, when pores sweat out toxins, we're less likely to get spots or pimples.

When we work out and sweat, our bodies regulate our acid-base balance. This is important as stress and toxins can cause our bodies to become more acidic. Other benefits of exercise are that it improves the quality of our sleep, meaning we benefit from longer, deeper sleep patterns. This in turn helps our skin cells to repair themselves and regenerate. Our micro-circulation and lymphatic system get to work. We look rested and relaxed. All of which leaves us with smooth, glowing skin