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Why does smoking age the skin ?

Why does smoking age the skin

Everybody knows that smoking is injurious to health, but not many know that it is equally bad for your physical appearance. Botox or hyaluronic acid injections, anti-wrinkle treatments, peelings, and lift only change your skin on the surface level. Cigarettes damage your skin from the inside and the effects are mostly irreversible.

Tobacco causes premature ageing, wrinkles, grey skin, uneven skin tone, lack of flexibility, etc. The effects of tobacco on the skin aging process vary according to the age of the smoker, the number of years spent smoking, and the number of cigarettes smoked a day. According to studies carried out, it appears that women are more susceptible to these effects than men.

The harmful substances in tobacco - nicotine, carbon monoxyde, tar, formaldehyde, cyanhydric acid, ammonia, mercury, lead, and cadmium attack the epidermis. Tobacco reduces oxygenation of your cells causing the thinning skin and greying complexion typical of a smoker. As the skin is less oxygenated, it does not get all the nutriments it needs to protect itself. Free radicals multiply, causing oxydation of the skin and thus premature aging. As they receive fewer nutrients, the skin cells do not regenerate themselves as well.

Tobacco also impairs the production of collagen and elastin, which are responsible for keeping skin young. This deterioration makes the skin drier and less supple. Volume is lost, wrinkles form prematurely, and existing wrinkles become deeper, especially around the mouth and at the corners of the eyes. It is not for nothing we talk about "smoker’s skin".

If you are somebody who has gone through premature ageing due to smoking, the first step in restoring your skin’s health would obviously be to stop smoking, to prevent further damage to your skin. Secondly, start incorporating anti-ageing skin care products into your daily skincare regime. Look for products that contain ingredients that targets wrinkles and help in restoring the skin’s volume and elasticity. For example, the 3 % Pro-Xylane + Adenosine in the Revitalift Laser X3 Renewing Anti-Ageing Serum by L’Oréal Paris dramatically reduces wrinkles and fine lines. The Laser X3 Renewing Anti-Ageing Serum also instantly refines skin texture to reduce wrinkles and boosts elasticity and hydration for a smoother and radiant look. You should also consume a diet that is rich in anti-oxidants to destroy the free radicals. Increase your water intake to flush out all the toxins from your skin and keep your organs functioning properly.

It is important to know that you will not start seeing an improvement in your skin the moment you quit smoking, it can take months or even years for the your skin to change. Be regular with your skincare products and quit smoking completely to accelerate the process.