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Which Is The Best Anti-Ageing Night Cream For Me

We all dream of waking up as fresh as a daisy, with clear skin and a radiant complexion. So how can you make those dreams become a reality? With the right anti-ageing cream - yes, it really is that simple! You probably already know that a night cream is great for waking up with perfect skin, but do you know what does a night cream exactly do for your skin? Or which night cream is best for anti-ageing, according to your skin type? Read on to know more about the benefits of a night cream and some tips and tricks on how to get the most out of this anti-ageing skincare products!

• What does a night cream do?

Even if most people remember to take care of their skin in the morning, by the time evening rolls around, they are too tired to adopt an extensive nighttime skincare routine. And skipping your nighttime skincare regime is a big no-no! Night creams are essential for improving the quality of your skin, which renews itself while you sleep. During the night, your skin uses this period of inactivity to repair the damage caused by external aggressors such as pollution, oil, sweat, dirt, sun, and stress. As a result, your skin renews itself three times more quickly during the night than during the day. And this cell renewal reaches a peak between 2 AM and 4 AM. So night creams are essential to make the most of this time!

As you start reaching your 30s, adding a night cream to your skincare routine will help you give your skin a little extra TLC. There are a host of different benefits of a night cream like anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing, plump, brightening, regenerating, anti-fatigue, hydrating, and more.

• Which is the best night cream for anti-ageing, according to your skin type?

The first step to waking up with flawless skin is understanding your skin type and finding the best anti-ageing night cream for its unique needs. Whether your skin is oily or dry, sagging or wrinkled, there is an anti-ageing night cream out there for you, and we are here to help you find it. Here are the different night creams you can use depending on the different skin concerns you want to address –

i. If you have mature and very dry skin, look for rich and luxurious night creams that have a balm like texture that intensely hydrate your skin overnight and improve your skin’s moisture retention. Hydrating night creams provide incredible nourishment and a long-lasting and non-greasy hydration.

ii. If your skin is starting to look and feel less firm and wrinkles and fine lines are making a place for themselves on your face, look for anti-ageing night creams with Retinol to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The Revitalift Moisturizing Night Cream by L’Oréal Paris is the perfect night cream for women, with Pro Retinol A and Centella Asiatica revitalizes the skin and improves the skin’s texture and radiance. The anti-ageing night cream enhances the skin’s regeneration process overnight to re-firm and restore the skin.

iii. If you have oily skin, your skin needs hydration as much as any other skin type. However, look for lightweight and non-comedogenic night creams that will control excess sebum production without feeling heavy and greasy on your skin. Hyaluronic acid creams are great for effectively hydrating your skin without leaving behind an oily and sticky residue.

iv. If you have sensitive skin that is easily irritated, opt for night creams that have a light texture and are hypoallergenic. Common skincare ingredients like parabens, sulfates, fragrances, and mineral oil can result in redness and itchiness so look for night creams that are free of these ingredients.

v. If you have dull and textured skin, you need a night cream that provides a gentle exfoliation overnight. Dull skin is usually the result of accumulated pore-clogging debris that form a layer on your skin. Night creams for women that contain salicylic acid are great for boosting slow cell turnover and regenerating your skin while you sleep. And there are a few benefits of a night cream for every skin type!

• How to apply an anti-ageing night cream?

Now that you know what a night cream does for your skin, here is how you use a night cream to reap maximum benefits.

i. Wash your face with a gentle yet effective face wash

ii. Pat dry and apply a toner to balance the pH levels in your skin and close your pores.

iii. Use an anti-ageing serum and gently tap it into your skin. Wait for a few minutes for the serum to get completely absorbed into your skin before moving to the next step.

iv. Use an anti-ageing eye cream in your eye contours to target under eye bags, fine lines, and wrinkles. Use the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Moisturizing Eye Cream
for a brighter and younger looking eye area. The 3% Pro Xylane and Adenosine in the Laser X3 Transforming Eye Cream increases the skin’s hydration and elasticity for a radiant and youthful look.

v. You need just need five dots of your anti-ageing night cream to cover your entire face. Simply add one dot each on your forehead, both cheeks, nose, and chin, and gently massage it into the skin using your fingertips with upward and outward circular motions.

vi. Add two to three dots of the night cream on your neck as well and massage it in an upward direction, starting from the base of your neck and moving towards your jaw and chin.

Now that you know which night cream is the best for you, you need to know how to pair it up with other skincare products for the perfect anti-ageing skincare routine! Night creams are a great way to treat your skin to undisturbed, overnight hydration and nourishment. However, a night cream alone is not enough to repair your skin and give it the required supply of essential anti-oxidants and nutrients. Pair your night cream with other anti-ageing products to achieve the skin of your dreams.