Skin Care

We're Celebrating The Rice Water Comeback!

It is a nigh-on magical product and Asian women's favourite beauty trick. The idea: to put aside your rice's cooking or rinsing water (without salt or oil) and let it cool. Packed with starch and nutrients, it can be used on the hair, face and body. Simple, economic and waste-free, it's no wonder rice water is making a buzz on social networks, where fans share easy DIY beauty tips.

The starch contained in rice water is great for hair. Applied as a mask, it tames hair and closes the cuticles. Ideal for dull and brittle hair, you just need to apply it and leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing. Used as a lotion, rice water strengthens hair and adds lustre. Simply rub it over your head to get smooth, shiny locks.

Thanks to its high inositol content (a molecule that boosts cell regeneration), rice water helps fight against ageing skin. Add a bit of cinnamon or honey for taste and treat yourself to a cup. Rich in antioxidants, it stimulates the cells, fights against sagging and soothes irritated skin. It can also be applied with a cotton pad as a lotion or mask and rinsed off.

Adding rice water to your bath will benefit your entire body. Astringent and packed with vitamins and minerals, it tightens pores and softens the skin.