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True or false: is my pillow causing wrinkles?

Could your pillow be the reason behind the lines across your face? Is you beauty sleep not living up to its name? We reveal all about sleep lines, this famous wrinkle that just won't go away in the morning!

Sleep wrinkles appear during the night

True: Now, it's obviously not sleep that is behind these lines, but rather the weight of your head on your pillow, which rolls onto its side and creates folds in your forehead. No problem when you're 25; the skin is still supple and the fold goes away! But with age, the skin loses the naturally present elastin and collagen in your body. The result: skin is less supple and the dermis breaks more easily, meaning that wrinkles come to stay for good. Sleep lines appear on your cheeks, vertically, on the side of your face at the crow's feet or diagonally on your forehead. This is the sleep line, or wrinkle.

Your pillow is responsible for your sleep lines

True and false: If you slept on your back with no pillow, you could say goodbye to sleep wrinkles! Given that we all need some comfort to get to sleep; and therefore a soft pillow; and we move around 20 times per night, most of the time without realising, we can see that the humble pillow is a necessary yet not-so-innocent part of our sleep routine. Our tip: use a satin pillowcase which, unlike cotton or polyester, will not leave marks on the skin. Otherwise, wrap your pillow in a satin scarf. Or change your pillow! Some special pillows can help you to sleep on your side while taking the pressure from your head off the front of your face, thus reducing sleep lines.

There is no way to get rid of sleep lines

False: Hyaluronic acid-based skincare products like the L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Laser X3 Renewing Anti-Ageing can help to preserve your skin's elasticity and fill in wrinkles. Thanks to this powerful ingredient in the anti-ageing serum, which can also be administered through injections, the skin is plumped up, volume is restored to the face, the cheeks look rounder and the surface of the skin is smoother.

The problem of mature skin that gets marked is also often the result of slower circulation in the skin. When you follow the right methods and use anti-ageing skincare products morning and evening with little circular massaging motions, blood circulation is boosted and the skin gets marked less easily, and you can soon be on your way to saying goodbye to sleep lines forever!