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Time For A Post-Christmas Detox!

Time For A PostChristmas Detox

Skin looking a little dull? Feels a bit stretched with blotches cropping up all over the place? Outbreak of pimples on its way? Signs that your skin has enjoyed all the excesses that Christmas has to offer. Toxins have built up over the holiday period and it's showing on your face. The solution? A deep cleanse! Start with a gentle face scrub to get rid of dead cells that have clogged up your epidermis and left you with a dull complexion. Massage it on using small, circular movements, avoiding your sensitive eye contour zone. Follow with facial sauna: a few minutes steaming your face over a bowl of boiling water mixed with essential oils will open your pores and get rid of toxins. Finish with a purifying face mask to close pores, detox your skin and banishblotchy patches. Green or black clay masks work a treat - just slather on a nice thick layer! Your skin will feel soothed and boast a rosy glow!

Christmas is generally not the sportiest time of the year! So now it's time to give your body a gentle prod. Opt for revitalising water sports such as aqua aerobics or aquabiking. Thanks to water resistance, your muscles will tone up, your body will drain itself of toxins and you'll feel lighter-limbed as a result. Aerobic sports are both body and mood-enhancing! A healthy mind in a healthy body! Yoga's also a great option - it improves posture, muscle growth and helps us find our zen.

Sluggish liver? Time to give it a breather! Avoid fatty, sugary food as well as pre-prepared meals, red meat, fizzy drinks and booze. Pack your shopping trolley with vitamin and antioxidant-rich food: citrus fruits, green veg, red fruits and wholegrain cereals. And don't forget to drink gallons(at least 1.5l a day) of water or herbal/fruit teas. And there you go, some easy as pie tips to get the New Year off to a cracking start!