Skin Care

The Wonderful World Of Moisturisers

Straight from Japan's salons, liquid care treatments claim to hydrate our skin better than other moisturisers. The difference between liquid care and other types of moisturisers is in their formulae. A classic moisturiser contains 2/3 oil and 1/3 enriched water, whereas liquid care treatments contain 2/3 water and 1/3 oil. In other words they pump our skin with more water than oil. The result? An unusual, watery, super-light texture. A refreshing splash of goodness! These aqueous moisturisers come in the form of a gel that turns to water the moment it touches our skin and leaves behind a light, non-sticky film.

Face oils blasted on to the scene some years ago. They were once the domain of summer holidays, but nowadays fans are flocking to buy these extremely effective moisturisers. Packed with antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins, active ingredient-charged oils deeply nourish the epidermis and improve our skin. Face-wise, go for dry oils - they provide all the benefits, but feel dry to the touch. Coconut, jojoba, sweet almond, argan... These are all-year rounders!

Balms and butters are skin-pampering heroes, particularly during winter. Their aqueous, oily formulae provide a rich, thick, creamy texture. The result? They both deeply repair and nourish skin. What's more their formulae is similar to our skin's hydrolipidic layer, meaning they're quickly soaked up, without leaving a greasy film. Go for natural butters such as shea or coconut for their ultra-soothing properties.

Soft and rich, creams are a face and body classic. Their 'oil in water' formulae are a breeze to use and provide all the nutrients that skin craves. They soften, hydrate and repair the hydrolipidic film after its born the brunt of harsh winter weather, tap water, sea salt or pollution. Day creams are applied in the morning and night creams before bed to help repair our skin whilst we sleep.

Lighter and more liquid than creams, milks blend aqueous and oily ingredients for maximum moisturising action. Body milks also leave behind a protective layer that prevents evaporation. They're easy to apply and their non-sticky, fluid texture nourishes skin. Plus you can find lifting, anti-ageing and self-tanning versions!