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The Skin-Soothing Benefits Of Cornflower Water For Sensitive Skin!

The SkinSoothing Benefits Of Cornflower Water For Sensitive Skin
The skin-soothing benefits of cornflower water for sensitive skin!

Cornflower's known to soothe sensitive eyes. Lack of sleep, burn-out, staring at a screen, dry skin...

The soothing and decongesting properties of cornflower water banish bags and revitalise puffy, tired or irritated eyes. You just need to put a few drops on a couple of cotton pads, place them on your eyes and sit back for 10 minutes. Instant Bambi eyes guaranteed!

Cornflower water is astringent, meaning it closes pores, gently dries skin and regulates sebum production. It also tones, brightens and lightens our complexion. For best results, apply a cotton pad soaked with cornflower water to clean, dry skin. One to add to your nightly routine! You can also add a few drops of cornflower water to your face mask.

Cornflower water's great for blemishes, particularly acne-prone skin. Soothing and anti-inflammatory, it calms and reduces red patches on sensitive skin. A few drops on a cotton pad is all it takes! Finish off by applying a moisturiser.

Cornflower's soothing, anti-inflammatory properties cool sunburn. Immediately spritz sunburned skin with cornflower water. And don't forget to religiously moisturise with a nourishing cream or after sun lotion.