Skin Care

The Big Detox: Get Your Skin In Shape In Just One Week

If your skin has been looking dull and has lost its glow, it’s time to treat it to some extra TLC. It is not always easy to make your skin a priority when you are having a busy week. But by making some slight changes to your daily lifestyle habits, you can transform your skin in just one week. Follow these simple tips to get rid of tired and lacklustre skin and restore its radiance.


It doesn't matter what you do, just pop on your trainers and move your body; in the gym, outdoors, alone or with a gang. The more fun the activity, the better. Aim for 45 minutes of exercise, preferably cardio, three times a week, because sweating opens your pores and releases toxins.



Moist heat opens pores, releasing impurities that suffocate skin. If the sauna's too expensive, get the same results by taking a hot bath. Add a few drops of purifying essential oils like eucalyptus, grapefruit or lemon; their draining properties will boost circulation and promote cell renewal.



Essential for a successful detox, this dream team will give you a fresh, glowing complexion. Use a fine-grain scrub to penetrate pores and remove impurities; to avoid damage, gently massage your skin with small, circular movements, paying particular attention to your T-zone. Then apply a clay-based purifying mask to absorb excess sebum. You can try the L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Charcoal Mask to detoxify your skin. The charcoal actives from the Montmorillonite Clay in the mask act like a magnet and draw out impurities and dirt from the skin.



Certain foods are famous for their detoxifying action. Fruit-wise, chomp on apples, pineapples, blueberries, kiwis, and squeeze lemon on your salad. As for vegetables, artichokes, aubergine, cabbage, and watercress will do the trick. Wholegrain cereals are also great for kicking toxins to the curb. Here's a pro tip: drink a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice before breakfast, followed by fruit and vegetable smoothies throughout the day.



Always aim to drink between 1 and 1.5 litres of water a day, but raise this to two litres during a detox. From water to tea, herbal infusions and fresh fruit juice, there's plenty of choice. Drinking lots of non-alcoholic fluids helps the kidneys to flush out toxins.

Environmental aggressors, stress, lack of sleep, and poor lifestyle habits can make your skin look tired and dull. You don’t have to get an expensive in a fancy facial treatment or invest in expensive skincare products to revive dull skin. Just make a few simple changes to your daily routine and follow the tips mentioned above to enjoy healthy and glowing skin in no time.