Overlooked for a long time because of their greasy texture, these days cosmetic oils are enjoying a real comeback. Whatever your skin type or age, you'll find something to love about them, you just need to know which one is most suitable for you!

When it comes to oils, there is one out there for all of us, no matter what your needs are: if you like organic products go for a natural vegetable oil, the purest you can find, preferably one which is obtained from crushing fruits or seeds (almond, argan, sesame, apricot). These retain all their fatty acids and their nourishing powers, unlike modified oils which are altered when they are processed. If you're very busy, opt for a mixture of several different vegetable oils, or vegetable oils and essential oils. Those of us who need the anti-age effect should use more complex skin oil containing antioxidants or anti-wrinkle ingredients. If you're just curious, go for a formula that won't transform into an oil-like consistency until you massage it into your skin.

Whether vegetable, essential, processed or hybrid, skin oils are completely customisable. They have restoring and nourishing properties which are ideal for dry skin types, they're hydrating for normal skin types, soothing for sensitive skin, beautifying thanks to their satin-like finish as well as providing protection from the sun…These oils are truly multi-use and can be used daily, both day and night: they are particularly sensory and both easy and enjoyable to apply. When applying onto a clean face that is free of make-up, you should first warm the oil up between your hands and massage it in using your fingertips, starting with your forehead and chin and then smoothing it out to cover your whole face and neck. You could also add a few drops to your day cream to make it extra hydrating.

We love skin oils because of their anti-crocodile skin effect. When used every day, you'll find that your skin regains its elasticity and softness: on top of their nourishing properties, the fatty acids also replenish the skin's hydrolipidic film, which therefore helps to give it an intense boost of hydration. But the main reason we love oils so much is that they are a pleasure to the senses! The secret? Apply the oil when you are in the shower onto wet skin before rinsing it under water to make your skin super soft. By combining the oil with the water, you create an emulsion which helps the ingredients to be absorbed and rebuilds the skin's protective barrier. Beside their nourishing and beautifying properties, body skin oils can also be used in slimming products, thanks to their draining ability on the orange peel effect of cellulite.