Skin Care

Tested Anti-ageing Skincare Tips for All Age Groups

As you age, your skin becomes less elastic and supple. You might be no longer comfortable in your own skin. What's more, your skin has different needs according to your age. The good news is that there are anti-ageing treatments for both young and old. Here are some anti-ageing tips to keep you youthful always.
The earlier you start to attack signs of ageing, the later your wrinkles will settle in. So it's wise to begin your beauty routine in your twenties. You should not only moisturise but also prevent wrinkles from cropping up in the first place. Apply a moisturiser that does not clog your pores but is light-weight. You can try the new L'Oréal Paris Revitalift Crystal Micro-Essence, to give you a youthful and glowing look. It contains active ingredients like Salicylic Acid, which accelerates skin renewal & mildly exfoliates to refine pores & skin texture. It penetrates 10 layers deep into your skin to repair the skin cells and give you a crystal clear brightness.
It's during your thirties that your skin begins to change visibly. Your metabolism slows down, cell renewal is less efficient, and you begin to produce less collagen. Even if your wrinkles haven't turned into furrows, other signs of ageing will have raised their heads: tired, dull features and a distinct lack of glow. Expression lines are a classic, so time to apply an anti-wrinkle cream morning and night, alongside an eye contour treatment to protect this extremely fragile zone.
Your wrinkles have deepened, your features have begun to sag, your skin may look thin and sallow, while liver spots may have appeared. You need to keep up your preemptive strikes while dealing with matters in hand. Apply anti-ageing cream morning and night: day creams should contain an SPF and use a richer formula in the evening. You should also invest in a serum, as they are twice as concentrated inactive ingredients than creams. You can opt for L'Oréal Paris UV Perfect UV Protector Transparent SPF 50+ (Non-Tinted) that is rich in kaolin clay to absorb excess sweat. It gives you a matte and fresh finish and is suitable for all skin types, including oily skin.
Mid-life hormonal changes wreak havoc with your skin. It thins, dries and dulls, while your wrinkles deepen, and your features lose definition. Treat yourself to an anti-ageing cream that's designed for mature skin. These are multi-taskers that minimize all signs of ageing (loss of density, lack of nutrients, liver spots) and their regenerating formulae make your skin feel comfortably soft.
At this age, your skin continues to thin and lose density. It gets drier, more fragile and loses its rosy glow. Your skin's supporting fibres become frail, making your skin sag. Vertical wrinkles are more apparent, particularly bar code lines on your upper lip and along your chin folds. Keep applying a global anti-ageing cream, but opt for one that brightens dull skin to give you a healthy, dewy complexion.

As you age, it becomes more and more challenging to maintain that same shine and youthfulness on your skin. Therefore, you should start caring for your skin as soon as possible. Even following a daily ritual of cleaning, toning and moisturising can reduce many years from your skin. Do not wait for your skin to start ageing to start caring for it. Keep your skin hydrated, save it from harmful sunrays and consume a healthy diet and you will see age is just a number.