Skin Care

Superhero argan oil can rescue dry skin

Argan oil is suddenly everywhere, from shampoos and conditioners, to skin care and beauty products. And here’s why –

Packed with omega 6, vitamin E and antioxidants, argan oil both moisturises and softens the skin. Derived from the fruit of the Moroccan argan tree, this oil is 100% natural. Being lipid-free it's suited to all skin types and is quickly absorbed. Apply a few drops of argan oil every day after your bath or shower, paying particular attention to drier areas such as your elbows and knees. Your skin will immediately feel more supple and soft. A great tip for pregnant women, you will find argan oil helps combat stretch marks that can appear on the cleavage, thighs, stomach and hips.

Argan oil is a superhero when it comes to dehydrated, parched, dermatitis- and eczema-prone skin. It helps soothe irritation, calms fiery skin, relieves itching and repairs damaged skin. Despite being a summertime favourite, argan oil is ideal during winter as well. It soothes hands dried out by the cold, chapped lips or noses sore from continual blowing. If your skin is very dry, apply some argan oil 30 minutes before your shower or bath: your skin will be eternally grateful! It's non-greasy and doesn't irritate the skin, so won't clog up pores and can actually help diminish the appearance of blemishes.

The next time you are looking for a skincare product for your dry and dehydrated skin, be sure to give products containing argan oil a try. Rich in antioxidants and highly moisturising, argan oil is a good source of vitamin E and a natural anti-ageing powerhouse. It revitalises the skin and helps to fight against ageing. Massaged onto the face and neck daily, it can help reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, restore suppleness and elasticity and boost cell renewal.