Skin Care

Sunscreens with Different Textures for a Sunburn-free Summer

Even though their textures differ, all sunscreens work in the same way, i.e. they contain chemical or mineral filters that prevent harmful UVA and UVB rays from penetrating our skin. You can choose a sunscreen that suits your phototype, but the question of texture boils down to your personal preferences.

Let us understand this in detail.

Sun cream, a fondant barrier: Often white or coloured, sun creams are visible. Their advantage is that you can control how much you apply and ensure that you've applied it to all exposed areas. It's great for protecting children and its creamy, moisturising texture sticks well to the skin.

The L'Oréal Paris UV Perfect Aqua Essence is a high protection facial sunscreen that features a fresh, lightweight, and non-greasy watery texture that easily dissolves into the skin.

Sun lotion, a moisturising barrier: Thinner than sun cream, sun lotions protect and moisturise the skin in one go. They quickly penetrate the skin without leaving behind a thick or greasy film. Sun lotions are also a cinch to apply, particularly the spray variants and, thus, a good option for days by the pool!

Sun spray, an ultra-light barrier: Sun sprays are less oily than creams or lotions, which means you can apply a lighter coat. You can spray it from head to toe and it doesn't feel sticky or leave white streaks. Just make sure you spray enough to cover your entire body.

Sun oil, a beauty-boosting barrier: Suntan oils are fluidic and have a non-sticky sheen. They glide over the skin and thanks to their high SPF (30 or 50) content, thus allowing us to tan safely. What's more, nowadays these formulae are packed with nourishing and moisturising active ingredients to keep our tans glowing and our skin beautifully soft.

Sun mist, a refreshing barrier: Neither non-greasy nor sticky, sun mists don’t leave behind white streaks and are ultra-easy to apply. Also, they dry on contact, thus leaving the skin feeling protected rather than suffocated. Moreover, they make you feel fresh and can provide cooling moments under a scorching sun.

Sun gel, a creamy barrier: Bursting with water and having a creamy, non-greasy texture, sun gels leave the skin feeling fresh and moisturised. They don't leave behind white streaks and are transparent, easily absorbed, and slightly shimmery.

Sun sticks, the solid barrier: Sun sticks are good for specific parts of the face, i.e. nose, lips, forehead, cleavage. Their handy size means you can pop them in your bag. They're also one of the best choices, especially if you're a water-sports’ fan.

Formulated to repair deep skin damage & reduce wrinkles, the L'Oreal Paris UV Perfect Aqua Essence, with its SPF50 and PA+++, provides protection against broad-spectrum UVA/UVB rays. Moreover, its Vitamin E and antioxidant complex also helps the skin fight against free radicals, thus providing complete protection.