Skin Care

Suffering from saggy skin ? Not if we can help it !

As you start growing old, your skin undergoes a lot of changes. From wrinkles and fine lines to losing density and elasticity, your skin faces it all! Your face, neck, arms, chest, tummy, etc. all begin to sag over the years. But have you ever thought about what actually causes saggy skin? And what you can do to prevent it and delay the signs of ageing? Read on to know more.

1. Why does skin sag?

As you get older, the skin ages and cell regeneration slows down. The fibroblasts in your body, which help to produce collagen and elastin decrease in number and become poorer in quality. Without collagen and elastin to keep skin stretchy and plump, the skin tissues relax, the shape of our face changes, age spots appear, the epidermis alters, and wrinkles become pronounced.

Saggy skin may also occur after significant weight loss, for example following a diet or pregnancy. This is because overstretched skin fibres remain loose. Even if your skin returns to its normal size, you may still be left with saggy areas.

2. Ways to fix saggy skin

a. The best tip? Get your body moving! Physical activity stimulates blood circulation, oxygenates the cells and strengthens muscles. Fibres firm up, elasticity is improved and cell renewal is boosted. It's a win-win-win.

b. Avoid exposure to the sun. UV is the main external factor responsible for ageing skin, so make sure you apply a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Try the UV Perfect Even Complexion sunscreen by L’Oréal Paris. With SPF 50 and advanced anti-UV filters, the UV Perfect sunscreen protects you from UVA and UVB rays while also guarding your skin’s youth and colour.

c. Alternate between hot and cold water when showering. This will stimulate your circulation and firm up skin tissues. The shock will be worth it, we promise!

d. Tweak your beauty regime with saggy-skin-specific products rich in caffeine, hyaluronic acid silicon, glycerol, and vitamins E and B5.

e. Massage in your cream. The active ingredients will better penetrate the skin, while your blood and lymphatic circulation will get a much-needed boost. And use upward movements to counteract the effects of gravity.

f. Book a radio-frequency session with a therapist. The high-frequency waves are administered to the skin, heating the dermis, which means support fibres retract and their production is boosted.

g. For a fast-track solution, see a dermatologist for a mesotherapy session. This involves small injections of vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid, as well as ingredients that boost the circulation and encourage oxygenation of the skin's tissues, targeted to the problem zone.

Sooner or later, your skin will start to show signs of ageing, some people start seeing it in their 40s while some see it much later. Make changes to your lifestyle habits and switch out your skincare products to those that specifically cater to mature and ageing skin. The sooner you start incorporating the right habits and products into your daily routine, the longer you can hold off and prevent thin and sagging skin. So don’t wait for the signs of ageing to settle in, start early and enjoy younger-looking skin for longer!