Skin Care

Self Tanning Tips How To Prepare Your Skin

The first of our self tanning tips is to clean your face thoroughly. Start a double makeup removal routine to get rid of all the impurities accumulated throughout the day: makeup, pollution, excess sebum... Phase 1: Take off your makeup with a product that contains at least one kind of oily substance or soap, like an oil, balm or micellar water, to lift away impurities. Phase 2: apply a gel or foam in circular movements and rinse.

You can now move on to the gentle exfoliation stage for the face. The aim? To get rid of dead skin that blocks pores and let the skin breathe. As the intensity of the tan varies depending on where you apply the tanning lotion; where the skin is thicker, the tan will be darker; you need to exfoliate to achieve smooth, even skin and therefore a natural tan. Depending on your skin type, use an exfoliator or a lotion with fruit acids. Avoid scrubbing too vigorously in case you aggravate the skin. Apply it in circular movements, without applying too much pressure.

Soften and smooth out the epidermis by getting rid of any crocodile skin that may have formed over the winter. In the shower, use a scrub with large particles (salt scrub, sugar scrub, almond shell powder scrub) if the skin is thick, or an exfoliating cream if the skin is more fragile. Apply the scrub in circular movements, starting with the feet, going upwards until arriving at the neck. Don't forget your hands and apply a bit more pressure on the heels, elbows and knees, where the skin is thicker.

Once you have applied self tanning lotion, you can't shave or wax for a few days, so it's better to do so beforehand. If you prefer to shave, you can do so the day before applying the fake tan, but it is best to wax 2–3 days before so that any redness can calm down.

Hydrated skin makes for a better base for the self tan product. Moisturise both your face and your body thoroughly. For the body, go for an oily moisturising lotion, taking particular care of the driest areas, so that the oily texture ensures perfect coverage of the self tanning lotion. For the face, apply your usual night cream, which is richer than the day cream. Moisturising also nourishes the skin, which is crucial given that self tanning products tend to dry out the skin.