Skin Care

Revolutionary Applicators For Eye Contour Treatments

Wrinkles are part and parcel of life. And the first to crop up are usually in the corner of eyes. Welcome to crow's feet! The skin around our eyes is thinner and more delicate than the rest of our face, meaning it's less resistant and quickly betrays signs of tiredness. Smoking, booze, pollution, sun exposure and stress all cause free radicals, which in turn speed up the skin ageing process. And that's not all... With age, our circulation and lymphatic drainage slows down and this poor vascularisation affects the eye contour area. Leading to signs of fatigue such as dark circles and bags under the eyes. Mature skin is particularly thin and lacks elasticity. This causes any dark circles to form dark troughs under our eyes. Our wide eyed look gives way to miserable, exhausted features that add years to our age.

Eye contour skin needs specific treatments: you shouldn't apply your face cream to your eye area, as it's too thick and therefore unsuited to this fragile zone. You should opt for a high-tolerance, anti-wrinkle formula to provide a anti-ageing action suited to this sensitive area. To keep mature skin looking as fresh as a daisy, apply a treatment that gently combats wrinkles by softening, nourishing and hydrating your eye contours. Lightly massage it in to reduce bags and zap dark circles.

This delicate area is difficult to treat - slowly and gently are the key words! This is why some amazing eye contour treatment applicators have hit the shelves:

- double-sided applicators with one curved side to deal with troughs caused by dark circles and a flat side to massage and decongest bags,

- sponge applicators to wake up the eye contour for a fresh-faced look,

- roll-on applicators for sensitive skin,

- tapered applicators to treat specific areas

- 3 bead applicators to massage without applying pressure. As for textures, cosmetic firms have been hard a work. Ultra-moisturising balms, soothing creams, decongesting gels, light serums, overnight masks... Something for all tastes and ages!